Green web hosting is one of the most popular hosting solutions these days. If you are concerned about environmental problems like global warming, excessive carbon emissions and pollution then purchasing a green hosting plan is the simplest thing that you can do to help the planet. It requires absolutely no work on your part and the price is almost the same as that of normal web hosting. In this article we will see how green web hosting works and what are the things that make it "green".

Traditional sources of electricity cause a lot of pollution. Thermal energy is obtained by burning coal and thick black smoke is produced which contains carcinogens and other harmful materials. Similarly highly toxic nuclear wastes are produced during generation of nuclear energy. However, there are some sources which are 100% safe and clean. Solar, geo-thermal and tidal sources are a few examples. Most green hosting companies use clean electricity to run their servers. Smaller companies which can not afford their own solar panels or wind mills, purchase renewable energy certificates which allow them to obtain clean energy from third parties. In addition to that, some green hosts also give generous amounts of money to charities working for the environment.

Before purchasing a green web hosting solution you should make sure that the company is actually doing any of the above-mentioned things. Just using the word green can't save the planet. A lot of companies attach this word with all their hosting plans to lure more costumers. In reality they don't even care about the environment. This problem has become worse in recent years because of resellers. If you actually want to do something to help environmentalists then it is a good idea to stick to big, reputable companies.

Are green web hosting companies making any real difference? Yes they are. Servers consume a lot of electricity because they run 24 hours a day. Also, sophisticated cooling systems are used to keep the temperature in check. These coolers and all other supporting equipment also consume a lot of electricity. Using renewable energy to run all these things can minimize the carbon footprint of the hosting company. If you want to make this world a better place for the coming generations then purchasing a green hosting plan is the first step. You can also do a lot of other things like using less paper, minimizing fuel consumption etc.

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