Nowadays, one of the things many people are concerned about is attraction. You see it all over the place on TV to magazines. There are always pictures of nice, thin, pretty women almost completely naked. Likewise you always see a shirtless male with a nicely defined body with the ab muscles that the average man wants yet are so hard to get for some. These are the images people think about when they think about what's attractive. But attraction, may not be what the common man thinks.

Believe it or not, looks do matter, but it is not your genetics that matter. It is what you do with your genetics, how you dress, how you maintain your body, how you act, speak, and even think. All of these factors make up the looks that matter. While they say it is what's inside that matters, what is inside often does show on the outside. If you carry in you bitterness and other forms of negativity, it will show to others.

Remember that one person who was technically "hot" yet you were just not attracted to that person?Ladies, think about Paul Walker, and Matthew McConauhey. What makes them attractive is that they present themselves in a very attractive way. They take the time to dress clean, and present a personable personna. Also, they present good body language as well. Now imagine them with stiff movements and a negative attitude and a hunched over posture. Not so attractive anymore are they. Men do the same thing with Megan Fox, and Rihanna. If they walked like gorillas would you be so attracted to them?

A big thing about what makes a person attractive is their overall outlook. Their beliefs, memories, thoughts, and plans emanate from their being which would explain why you feel a sort of aura about them. You tend to get a feel of everything a person is at the point of meeting that person.

Attraction is a highly misunderstood concept. The fact of the matter is it is not what you have, but what you do with what you have.