A step-bystep guide

Every day in the United Kingdom there are thousands of accident compensation claims enquiries made. While the debate rages on about whether or not there are too many accident  claims made, one thing's for sure. That is that people are always going to need to claim compensation if somebody else's negligent behaviour has caused them a personal injury or some other kind of damages. In spite of so many accident compensation claims being made, many people are still unsure about how no win no fee claims work in this country. My Compensation has put together the following article to help readers understand how  this type of compensation claim works in the UK. The below process usually takes around 8 to 16 weeks in the UK, depending on the complexity of the case. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Step One - An accident takes place

Step one is, of course, an accident happening as a direct result of the negligence of another person. If you experience any kind of damages or injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence, then this will start the process and bring you to the next step.

Step Two - A free consultation

Any good claims expert will offer a free initial consultation for accident compensation claims. Take advantage of this and discuss your circumstances with a specialist, outlining the specifics of the incident.

Step Three - Selecting a specialist accident claims solicitor

An established claims company will have access to the best personal injury solicitors and to solicitors who specialise in specific types of personal injury cases. The claims team will discuss amongst themselves the best person for the case based on proven track for this type of claim and a specialist will be selected.

Step Four - Acceptance of the accident compensation claim

If it looks like you have a chance of winning the case and the blame was someone else's then the case will be accepted. At this point, the claim is now underway and you'll be kept informed of the progress at every step.

Step Five - The claims notification form

The claims notification form (CFA) is an official documentation that will be used by legal professionals dealing with your claim. It contains all of the relevant information of the claim and will be used to track the details by all parties involved. Your claims specialist and solicitor will fill the vast majority of the information in for you, usually just leaving a signature to be required.

Step Six - Notifying the third party

The CNF will be used to notify the third party that an accident compensation claim is being launched against them. It's then up to them to accept or deny liability for the damages that were suffered.

Step Seven - Denying or accepting liability for the accident and damages

At this stage, the third party will usually speak to a solicitor and either deny or accept liability for the accident. If liability is accepted then an accident compensation settlement will be negotiated, otherwise the claim will go to court. Usually, the former is the outcome.

Step Eight - Negotiating a compensation settlement

Whether in court of out of court, a settlement negotiation will be entered if you’ve won your accident claim. In the case of a successful claim, it will be a matter of deciding how much compensation you’re owed.

Step Nine - Receiving compensation

Once all is said and done, you'll receive your compensation. Usually, it's the losing party  which pays the legal fees of both sides and in the instance of no win no fee arrangements, there is nothing to lose even if your claim is not succesfful.