Professional wrestling consists of what are called work shoots. All the moves performed are real but most of the match and the outcome are predetermined amongst the Head Booker, the Road Agent, and the two wrestlers involved.

Linkbuilding is the act of actively obtaining do-follow links to your website. They are usually obtained from article directories, forum sigs+profiles, bookmarking links, and other websites+blogs. Ranking(or being world champion) is based on who can get the most links with a particular anchor text(who wins the most fights and gets a shot at the title then proceeds to win said title).

Pro-wrestling is based a lot on politics. Wrestlers who have been around for a while get favoritism in winning fights. This is like linkbuilding where older sites get favoritism in the search engines on which links count. Older wrestlers want to keep their spot on top just as websites on top of the search engines want to stay there.

In pro-wrestling some extremely talented wrestlers never get a shot at the big show(TNA and WWE nowadays) because they just aren't given a chance. In link building some very high quality sites never get a chance at the top because sites with a lot of link juice power never look at them. The editors of the Forbes website probably would never look at a high quality financial site ranked at the bottom of the search engines but they might have time to look at a lower quality site at the top.

In pro-wrestling it helps to be big and tall. In getting links, it really helps to be a linkable site. Being in a larger(a tall) niche makes it easier to get organic links. Being in a tech savvy(muscular) niche makes it easier to find websites who know the importance of links in a websites development and the importance of proper anchor text. In a non-tech savvy(scrawny) niche they might publicize your site in a less search engine friendly manner like by telling a friend. A lot of the black hat methods are the same across multiple niches whereas the white hat methods are not.

It's a lot easier to get a good push in pro-wrestling if you are already established in another sport like Kurt Angle or Ken Shamrock. Just like it's easier to break in to the search engines if you are already a successful company like Coca-Cola or Chevron. If the search engines didn't rank the corporate giants on top it would show a deficiency in the search engine just like it would be for WWE to have Kurt Angle as a jobber when he's won an Olympic Gold Medal.

Pro-wrestling is not considered the best way to find who is the superior athlete and who is the best at the craft of wrestling due to the tendency of size and politics to play a huge role in victory. Just like search engines shouldn't look at link building so heavily when it is so influenced upon by politics(older sites want to keep their place). We don't judge pro-wrestling champions as having the most athletic talent, we watch it for the entertainment value. Similarly, we shouldn't use links so heavily to determine the best sites.