How much does an abortion cost?(97488)

How much does an abortion cost? is one of the first things a person has to think of when wanting to end an unplanned pregnancy. The cost of an abortion would depend on a number of factors, such as how far along in the pregnancy you are and where you live. Whether you are Rhesus negative ( If you are RH neg then an injection has to be given), what procedure you choose, all factor in the cost of abortion. Although the average cost over the US seems to be under $500, a lot cheaper than raising an unplanned baby. People shouldn't think they can't afford an abortion because if you can't afford an abortion, you certainly can't afford to keep the pregnancy. Also in some states your Medicaid may cover the cost, so it would do to contact the National abortion Federation or Planned Parenthood just to find out if you can get any help.

Who are Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood is a group of clinics that offer reproductive health care. They don't just offer abortions, they offer family planning advice, offer contraception, education to schools.

Planned Parenthood are also activists with over 4 million followers, they campaign for people's rights when it comes to their reproductive organs. Planned Parenthood are there to help during an unplanned pregnancy but are also there to educate others and prevent unplanned pregnancies before they happen, with sex education.

They fight for common sense, against faith leaders and others that would take a woman's rights away and not allow abortions or contraception. Women will always need abortions, what they need to make sure happens is that women always have availability to safe procedures and clean clinics. 


Help with cost of abortion

If you can't afford an abortion in one payment or at all, you need to contact a local clinic. The most common clinic that can help you with abortion information is Planned Parenthood. If you go to their website . You will be able to put your zip code or state in their search and they will show you your closest Planned Parenthood clinic.

The cost of abortion will depend on the term of the pregnancy, so the earlier on the pregnancy is, the better for you. A first term abortion will usually be non invasive and be treated with the abortion tablet also known as RU-486 or Mifepristone. The non invasive procedure can only be done up to 9 weeks pregnant so isn't always an option. If an In-clinic procedure is needed the cost of abortion will be higher. That is 9 weeks from your last menstruation, so you need to be fairly quick to get this procedure.

How do I get an abortion?

If you are under 18, you may need parental permission before an abortion can be performed. You will find out whether you need permission or not from your Planned Parenthood health advisor when you contact your local clinic. If you have certain circumstances a judge can over ride the need to have parental permission. If you have been abused or neglected. If you can prove that you live independently and away from your parent's care then you may be granted an abortion with out parental consent. 

The advisor will talk through your choices and offer counselling before any procedure is performed. The counsellor will make sure that an abortion is what you really want and if so, they will discuss the cost of abortion methods. In some areas you may even qualify for free treatment, this depends upon the state you live in.

There are so many different factors to how much an abortion costs that the best thing to do if you are considering an abortion is to contact Planned Parenthood. If there is not a clinic close enough to you, you can contact the National Abortion Federation for toll free confidential advice.

The National Abortion Federation will be able to advise you where you would get funding for an abortion if needed. There are some states where you can use Medicaid or there may be a charity fund that can help in your area. The hotline number for the National Abortion Federation is 1-800-772-9100.