Infobarrel is a revenue sharing content website. A lot of people are running away from sites like ehow because of recent difficulties. Why is Infobarrel interesting and attractive. Well, infobarrel is young and trying to avoid the mistakes others made by encouraging a minimum of 400 words per article. Is that a lot? No, it is not if you are really interested in writing. Your first 10 articles will also be vetted. Ok, that being said let us talk about money. There are a few Infobarrel evangelist like x3xsolxdierx3x aka howie. He only swears by Inforbarrel and has been preaching the gospel according to Inforbarrel for some months. Because of him and others, Inforbarrel is getting more articles and members. He might one day be made an honorary founder of Infobarrel.

This article actually came about because of a question raised by someone who wanted to write for Infobarrel but had doubts about its potential. The information below is gathered to give newer members an idea of what to expect from Infobarrel revenue wise.

Writing is not only about numbers. A lot of articles don't necessary mean more money. You need to understand SEO writing and compare that with writing hundreds of articles.

You also need to know that unless your articles are relevant to what people are searching for, the money will not come rolling in. Google Adsense tries to link their ads to relevant articles.

Here is an extract from a comment Infobarrel Admin made about those making real money.

"For example, JCMayer777 is making around $1000 a month with roughly 350 articles. We published a success story on him that can be found on our blog.

I know X3XsoldierX3X is making a few hundred with around 230 articles and I think Travis just broke $100 last month from 150 articles. I'm also aware of one other person who is making in the $600+ a month mark range with less articles than you mentioned you wanted to write."

If you look at the numbers from this quote, all the writers have less than 500 articles. The one who earns the most has been a member of Infobarrel the longest. He also has the most number or articles. This means a lot or articles and time can yield good results. Those mentioned in the quote above also know a few things about SEO writing.

If you want to make good money from writing online, you need a lot of articles that are SEO charged. Another way of putting it is that you need to write about what people are willing to read. Don't be fooled by thinking you will make more money because a lot of people actually read your articles. Google makes it more complicated than that.

How much can you earn with 500 articles that are super SEO charged?

x3xsolxdierx3x said it depends.

He is right! It depends a lot but you can expect to earn at least $500 per month. That is if you are being pessimistic about it.. You will likely earn more with the passing of time as your articles get better ranking and Infobarrel becomes a Google beast. If JCMayer777 is earning about a thousand from 350, you can do the math.

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