How much to buy the entire Walt Disney corporation?

The Price of Disney

DisneyCastleWalt Disney was an innovator of entertainment. His leadership provided the breakthroughs that would change films, television and even the theme park industry. It is no surprise that many aspiring artist and entrepreneurs seek to emulate his success. Numerous books, articles and essays have all been written examining every part of his life including incidents that didn't even happen. With a rich history that has included such fables as Walt's head being cryogenically preserved there is little surprise that his company still inspires interest. Recently the question posed was that instead of building the next Disney what would it cost to simply buy the company. The entire company. While the question may seem outrageous on the surface its a classic example of an inquiry that is great knowledge in a party.

The Formula

The easiest way to get an estimate is to decide about how much half of the Walt Disney stock would cost. Doing this is simple. We must find the total number of outstanding shares and multiply the per share price. This will give a number for the total value of the company. In short, if you wanted to totally control the Walt Disney corporation this would be the price to exclusively own it. This number is the "Market Capitalization".

The cost of Disney...

About $70,124,702,789

Too much?


Good News!

Well I have good news, you don't have to buy all the stock, only 50% +1 share. Your cost for theWalt Disney corporation, just over $35 billion. You see, totally reasonably priced. If you have that kind of money lying around than Disney would be an excellent investment.

If not then it is time to start putting away your pennies so that you can one day own every little kids dream. While the price may seem outrageous Disney is a proven investment with consistent returns. You don't have to buy the entire company to own a little Disney magic.