If you have ever tried to lose weight you must have wandered about how much weight you can lose in seven days. You may have also wondered about the worthiness of the diets which promise rapid weight loss, sometimes as high as 5 pounds in a week. But there is really no shortcut to losing weight and ideally you should aim for a weight loss of one pound to two pounds in a week. If you try to lose weight quickly by opting for a fad diet then you may lose all the weight but in the end, it will all come back very quickly. There are various side effects of following these fad diets and you may end up feeling fatigued instead of feeling happy about the weight loss. Here a few simple things you can do for losing about one to two pounds in a week without any side effects.

Drink water and avoid sodas/cold drinks

Drink lots of water if you want to lose weight quickly. You need to drink about 7-8 of glasses of water every day. Avoid drinking soda or cold drinks with your meal. They are rich in empty calories and add more weight to your body.

Never skip breakfast

Never ever skip breakfast if you want to lose weight. You may think that you can lose weight by skipping a meal but that’s a major misconception. Breakfast is the first and the most important meal of the day so skipping it will only make you hungrier. You will be compelled to overeat in your next meal and add even more weight.   

Eat Fiber

Fiber is very important for digestion and for the optimum absorption of nutrients. Have oatmeal or any other cereal enriched with fiber for breakfast along with some salad or fruits. If you don’t get enough time to have breakfast then you can carry a piece of fruit with you.

Include Protein in your diet

Include protein rich foods like egg, chicken and dairy products in your diet. Protein encourages muscle growth and burns fat naturally. The basal metabolic rate of your body increases as you start gaining muscles and helps you with losing weight.


Exercise is the key. You can never lose weight by just going on a diet. Exercise is very, very important for losing weight. You should aim for a mix of cardio and weight training exercises for losing weight.  

Quit smoking

There is a belief that smoking helps you with losing weight. That’s simply not true and smoking only helps in adding more fat to your body. It increases the levels of the stress hormone known as “cortisol” in your body and increases your blood pressure. You can find out how much weight can you lose in a week just by quitting this dangerous habit.

In addition to all the methods mentioned above, you also need to maintain a regular sleeping schedule, avoid drinking alcohol and sleeping during the day. Weight loss is a gradual process and you need to be realistic about your goals. You don’t need to feel depressed if you don’t see any significant change in your weight after a week. Good things take time to happen and you will also achieve your goal slowly and steadily.