Angry can be an useful angry is an angry at the right time and was well managed. This is clearly not easy, takes time, patience and openness, but that does not mean can not be done.

Well, the first step that needs to be trained continuously is to realize when we feel angry.

The second step, you must understand and accept the reasons why he was angry that include to evaluate the cause of his anger. You know, something that makes angry sometimes just an excuse or a different purpose? Many of us are already angry and feel sorry for the wrong reasons. For example, angry because someone had pointing at him with finger when the person is meant to inform that there is a danger that threatened from behind.

The third step is to manage or express anger appropriately. If we have a good reason, for example, not only excite the emotions, but also for the sake of learning for others, we can express our anger. Calm yourself and be careful when saying a word. Of course since the purpose is not to return anger or hurt / physical people, but to educate and learn. We can try to see the positive side of events that make us angry. Take a lesson from the incident.

At certain times, we can also change the energy that we feel anger into energy that can motivate us to do anything useful. For example, instead of yelling at motorists who cut corners and have not look back, better energy is used for more cautious, noting the road, or complete coursework / office work.

The bottom line is do not get stuck in the anger that may damage the day and ourselves, but make the most of anger in appropriate ways. Be aware of, understand, and appropriately manage angry emotions that we feel because of this ability is part of emotional intelligence that we have.