Learn how to avoid going into Poverty and the Key Reasons why people stay Poor

Why does it cost more to keep up status than actually being broke? What gets measured gets managed is true but are the size and scope of your dreams too big to manage them or be effective in your pursuit of a better life? Is your want for approval to expensive and costing you more than it would to live an otherwise simpler life?

Everyday I come across people who are so proud of their new $250 Jacket $300 shoes and their latest trip to the car showroom to window shop for their dream car and talking about how proud they are of their latest money splurge. Not any of these people in my observation have the kind of job that can satisfy that kind of spending but having the expensive item seems to have more value than being able to afford it. How true does that hold for most people? The truth is it is more common for people to keep themselves poor than for people to move up the economic scale, most importantly to stay economically mobile, constantly improving their financial situation one step at a time and learn how to not be broke. That's where the winners are and that is where we want to end up.   

10 Reasons why People stay Poor

The 4 Things Rich people do - How to start climbing up the Personal Finance Ladder

  1. Open a Roth IRA Retirement Account
  2. Open a High Yield Savings Account
  3. Conscious Spending
  4. Optimize Your Credit Score

Open a Roth IRA Retirement Account

Opening a Roth IRA retirement account could the single most important thing you can do to get yourself climbing up the personal finance ladder and into a more rewarding financial situation. The truth is most of us do not own a retirement account and have never been told it was a good idea let alone have it mentioned to us. Roughly 80% of people go into their elder years relying solely on the Social Security Administration to award them with Social Security retirement benefits but what would happen if this amazing government entitlement program ceased to exist in the near future? What would happen to all the kids futures who would not reap the benefits of such a program? We would have many people and families dragged into poverty for the promise of the optimistic idea of entitlement all costing you you're quality of life in your golden years because you failed to save and invest in your retirement. 

The beautiful magic of compound interest is mostly appreciated in investing and I'll tell you why. Imagine you decide to start saving some of your money. Say you start with 2 pennies. After that every time you add another 2 pennies your money doubles. 2 pennies become 6 pennies, 6 pennies becomes 24 pennies, 24 pennies becomes 72 pennies, 72 pennies becomes $2.16 and so on. Imagine you continued to double your money this way for the next 30 years. Now you understand the power of compound interest, this is what investing is all about. Once you decide to open your account you'll be on your way to financial freedom. Freedom from depending on the government for the life you deserve in your retirement years.

Open a High Yield Savings Account

There is one key difference between a savings account and a checking account, the savings account earns you an interest. Depending on which bank the interest earned will be as little as 0.3% Annual interest earned per year to 3.0% Annual interest earned per year, it is most common to have the bigger banks giving you the smaller interest and the smaller banks giving you the larger interest. Now the point of this article is for you to do what rich people are doing so when choosing whether to go with the big banks or small banks going with the small banks is the correct answer because they will be giving you the higher interest earning potential with your high yield savings account.

You'll be pretty happy putting your money away in a place that is earning you an interest year after year. Why settle for anything less? Big or small, all banks are making a profit from the money you put into their banks so the smartest thing to do is also the least popular, put your money in a small bank. They usually work online and do not have brick and mortar locations to visit like the big name banks. All transactions made are with a debit card provided by the bank that you can use on any ATM around the world. Some even offer perks like paying you back all your ATM fees at the end of the month. If there is one key thing to look for when shopping for a high yield savings account is to get the one with the highest interest that caters to you. That's it, your now ready to start earning an interest on your savings!

Conscience Spending

The number 1 reason for people to go broke is their bad relationship with money. The most common pattern among poor people is their bad spending habits, once any amount of money flows into their account large or small their immediate reflex is to spend it. Their relationship with money becomes a cycle of spending that starts with a fixed amount of cashflow and ends with 0. The cycle starts over once the next paycheck goes into their account only to end back at 0, the idea here is that money is a perishable resource, spent as soon as it becomes available. The difference between the rich and the poor is not their optimistic thinking, put simply it is their relationship with money. The rich know that money compounded over time grows in their account over time and makes them rich, saving your money!

There are many subjects taught in school that may or may not have been entirely useful to our education as kids but are none the less taught to us to expose us to different curriculum to increase our chances of having an open mind as adults capable of learning any new material but what is missing in early education that help us become even more capable competent adults? Personal finance.

According to the world-renowned personal finance expert Robert Kiyosaki, It's all about making wise decisions about your spending, how much money goes out of your account and most importantly how much money stays in your account.


Optimize Your credit Score

There is nothing worse than a bad credit score and no better way of depriving yourself or your family of larger possessions than having a bad credit score because most items on the high-end scale in terms of price is usually bought on a credit card. Another thing to consider in proving to yourself why your credit score is so vital is by understanding that there are different lines of credit and "credit" as a way of financing high-end items is not limited to credit cards. Let me explain. Another form of credit is a home loan used to buy a home, this is by far one of the largest types of credits lended out to people with good credit scores. Second to home loans are business loans by the size or amount lended to a person or enterprise depends on what type of business and how much money it takes to get up and running, for the rest of us Home loans are the most common lines of credit used and the best example for the purpose of this article.

How is my credit score determined? Your credit score depends on one of many key characteristics of your lending habits; the amount of credit you apply for. The number one indicator that determines your credit score is how often you make payments to a particular line of credit, say your credit card. If you own a popular credit card like a Visa, spend $200 worth of credits from that card you will have to make a least amount of payments for the following months. How consistent you are in making payments month after month will decide whether you receive a bad credit score or a good credit score. Making these payments every single month, on time, will earn you an excellent credit score, guaranteed.


Broke in America - Avoiding the Pitfalls

I would argue that most Americans do not realize that the hard-working, do it yourself ethic for the pursuit of happiness is slowly fading away. Why? because America's government has done to much of the work already and given people the benefits of living in country that has achieved so much in eliminating all the problems 2nd or 3rd world countries face, making people much more lazy than they were in the 1900's because today most of the grunt work has already done.

The Best thing you can do for yourself and your children is a personal finance education. Most of todays early education does not give any lessons on accounting, checkbook keeping or enterprise. 

Do the things that rich people do learn how to not be broke and begin climbing up the personal finance latter. Be wise about managing where you money goes and where your money stays, save your money and try earning an interest by putting it in the right kind of bank account. Make sure to open your very own Roth IRA retirement account and you will surely reach your financial goals easier than you would if you never would have read this article, guard your personal credit score like it was the most prized jewel in your family's possession because it just might help finance some of the most important things you'll ever buy in your life, like your home! Stay on the right path and will be on your way to financial prosperity by knowing how to not be broke in America.