The stigma associated with online dating has certainly disappeared for the most part but why did this happen? Afterall, telephone personals and matchmaking services never really shed their negative connotations despite the fact that they were around for decades before Internet dating. Right until the end they were considered options that only desperate people needed and you'd never find anyone openly admitting to using either service at least not publicly.

When online dating first materialized as an option for singles to meet, it faced the same sorts of negativity that telepersonals and matchmaking services once did. It was largely thought that only certain people could possibly be desperate enough to put themselves out there and use such a service to meet someone. Again, the preconceptions were much the same as what the dating services once faced.

I recall trying online dating back around 2000 for the first time and even then, I initially didn't want to tell anyone about it except for a friend of mine who was also single and was also using the same service I was. I even recall meeting several women through the service and hearing them say something to the effect of "I can't believe I'm doing this" so even some of the early adopters of the service seemed skeptical and perhaps a bit cautious.

It wasn't until one day at work I heard a colleague mentioning that he was using the same dating site I was using that I admitted I was using it too. Then a third guy mentioned that he was also using the same website and I realized that maybe this online dating thing was catching on!

As the Internet became more prevalenet in our lives though, the barriers that had previously existed seemed to come down with it, as we became used to sharing more and more information onine. We started conversing online, banking online, searching for jobs online and even sharing our personal information online through various social media sites. It's hard to believe that 10 years ago you could have convinced any reasonably minded person that people would be willingly sharing this much information online to this extend. It's also doutbful anyone could have predicted that online dating tips would be so prevalent and that you can find numerous sources of information to figure out if it's a possible option for you.

It makes you wonder what's next in terms of what we'll be sharing online.