People wish that they can have cheap teeth whitening done by a dentist. But this can rarely be found. With the current economic crisis meaning that people have less money to spend on themselves, more and more people are now looking for cheap teeth whitening goods. People can now do this by using one of the many teeth whitening paint products which are out there. But many have not heard of them as they are relatively new, but they are still worthwhile to use.

These teeth whitening products are applied in a very different way to how most home whitening processes are done. This is because the method doesn't need to include the usual "tray" which is often needed. Also, the paint is placed straight onto the teeth to form an instant film over the enamel (unlike other over the counter teeth whitening treatments). The great thing about teeth whitening paint is that it can be applied on how many teeth are needed to be treated on, as long as it is applied tooth by tooth.

Many products are already out there in this range. Most of them are made up of a chemical called hydrogen peroxide (which many other teeth whitener methods also use as the main ingredient). But this ingredient has come under fire in recent months. This is because many cosmetic dentists have stated that the amounts of the product which are needed to make the teeth white enough are simply too dangerous to use. Colgate has come up with a solution to this. Their "Simply White" product has been specifically designed to use carbamide peroxide instead. It is more expensive, but the treatment is just as good.

The paint on tooth whiteners can be applied in various ways. Some will need to be put on during the day for 30 minutes only; else damage can start to happen in the mouth. Others require the teeth whitening paint to stay on the teeth for the whole of the night when they are asleep. People have found the latter method to work better as the extra time spent on treating the teeth seems to make a better impact on the enamel.

There is some general advice that needs to be considered before using these painting products. For example, people which use DIY teeth whitening treatments like this need to make sure they do not touch the product whilst it is on the teeth. Otherwise, it could irritate the mouth. Also, take great care when first putting the paint on; it is harder to apply than it first seems.

Once the treatment has been done, it can be taken off very easily by brushing the teeth with a toothbrush. The teeth whitening paint can only be used on natural teeth; they cannot be used on prosthetics in the mouth such as veneers.

Overall, teeth whitening paint products can work wonders on people if they have a tight budget. All that needs to be done to make them work is some persistence and time. It isn't always necessary to find a dentist to do teeth whitening anymore.