A reference checking service is a great help to many people the world over who are searching for employment. All phases of the job search process are vitally important, from the written application and resume to the interview itself. But it doesn't end there, it's often the case that applicants don't get the job they want because of the reference check that is conducted. It makes sense to control as many aspects of the job search process as possible, including the reference check, which you can actually have a great deal of influence over. Think about it – do you know what your referees say about you?

Why do employers do a reference check?

It may be the case that employers like the information you've given them, they like you personally and how you present yourself at the interview. But it doesn't end there. To be sure that you are who you say you are, they will run a check of your references – often previous employers you have nominated through the application process. The point of nominating these names is so that the potential employer can contact them to make sure that you are the right person with the right experience for the job they are offering. It makes sense right?

How can a reference checking service help me?

The whole idea of hiring a reference checking service is to be proactive in your job search. Why wonder what you previous employers are saying about you, then get a nasty surprise when you find they are not providing your potential employer with the information you think they should? The smart thing to do is to take the guesswork out of your jobsearch experience and achieve success as soon as possible. When you engage a reference checking service they will ask you a series of questions and ask for the details of the referees you are supplying on your job applications.

What do reference checking services actually do for me?

It is then the job of the reference checking service to contact your referees on the behalf of a potential employer and ask them for information about you, as any potential employer would. Just what information is asked depends very much on the service you have hired – so make sure you know in advance what they will be asking on your behalf. They should also provide you with a detailed report about their contact with your references, so you know what the actual results are.

Once you have the results of the contact with your referees, you will know what your referees say about you. If the results are not as you had hoped, it's up to you to take some steps to fix the situation, but it can be fixed with a little creativity and planning. Take every advantage in your search for employment and see what your referees say about you.