Every two to four years anyone with a land based phone gets a number of calls from the politicians running for office, add to that the request for bogus funds for the sheriffs deputies, chiefs of police, etc and who wouldn't get irritated?

Things You Will Need

Whistle, air horn, any other noise maker

Step 1

If you are like me you don't like to recieve calls asking for money, asking for votes, or sales pitches. I have decided I want to take back my phone and you should as well. Here are some steps you may wish to use:

1. The Politition: This is the one that can be either a live person or an automated message, each has to be handled differently. The automated message I like to leave the phone off the hook and let it stay that way until it makes a signal that the call is over. If it isn't set to hang up after the message it cost more for them to use. Maybe they will run out of money. NOT

If there is a live voice I make them repeat the name of the candidate three times and then I ask for their name and phone number. I say things like " You said his/her name is?" or I might say " Can you repeat that name more slowly I am hard of listening?" my favorite is asking if they are with the opposite party they belong to.

If they are silly enough to give me a phone number of the party headquarters I call them back on my cell phone and ask to speak to the candidate, if they are not available I tell them I can't vote for someone who is not in the office.

2. Request for money: In my state I get several calls form agencies claiming to be solicting for police or sheriffs organizations. I get them for military organizations I have never heard from.

Here is what I like to do to them; I ask for their phone number and the name of the local officer that is a member of the organization. If they can not provide it then I tell them I only donate to local people.

If they are persistant I ask to speak to the person in charge. While they try to find someone to act like the person in charge I hang up.

If I really don't like their attitude I use the whistle of noise maker and then hang up.

3. The unwanted sales call: This one is simple I simple say I wish to be removed from their calling list and then I use a noise maker.

When all else fails I simply hang up. Actually, once I know it is a call I don't want to listen to I hang up. The rule of solicitaiton is suppose to be that if you ask them to remove your name from their calling list they are not supposed to call again. Good Luck with that one.

Tips & Warnings

Some organizations are legitimate and have need of our help, before you comit check them out.