Can you imagine coming to America during the Gold Rush during the early 1800’s from China and having to start over with a new life? For many Chinese-immigrants this was a reality to. The Chinese culture has affected America in many different ways, in the past, and they are even affecting us right now.  One way this culture has affected our culture is our nation’s food. Also, another way the Chinese have changed our culture is our arts and religions in different ways as well. The Chinese have affected the health of Americans by influencing different ways of healing, meditating, and pain relief in ways too; one example of this is acupuncture.  The Chinese affected us in previous history, current history, and with the help of many other cultures, they will continue shaping the Melting Pot of America.

            During the 1800’s, many Chinese immigrants came to America to build railroads, dig mines, and to help with other industrial work. They began opening smaller restaurants to make traditional food available for the other immigrants there working. The exclusion act of 1882 kept more Chinese immigrants from coming to America, but the ones that were here already started opening restaurants to suit the American people, using local ingredients, but still offering the traditional dish. The Chinese-Americans that opened restaurants started moving to Chinese neighborhoods closer to larger cities, to get more business.

            Americans were intrigued with the many different types of art forms of the Chinese. Chinese calligraphy and characters have become very popular with tattoos in America, and traditional Chinese ideas have been used in American fashion. Buddhism was practiced in China in the seventh century and has made its way to America, and it has become the 4th most practiced religion here.

            One of the things in America adopted by the Chinese is Acupuncture. Acupuncture is a therapy used to lower pain in a patient, by stimulating certain areas, usually by really fine and thin needles. Another form of healing and relaxing that came from the Chinese is meditation.  It is thought that meditating can ease symptoms, comfort you, and overall just relax you.

            The Chinese still affects America in today’s culture as well, and 18 percent of the exports shipped out of China, is sent to America, creating a 268 billion dollar trade deficit. The Chinese have contributed to America a lot throughout our history. They have changed things like our cuisine, arts, and medicines over the past, and are even affecting our country today.