The Kerastraight Smoothing Treatment Gave Me My Dream Hair!

Here’s a quiz…

What do Laurie Partridge, Cher, Marie Osmond, Marcia Brady, Barbara Cooper, and Laura Ingalls all have in common?

True, they are television icons that I watched religiously as a girl growing up in the 70‘s, but they also have one other thing in common.

Long straight hair!

Forget Farrah and her feathered look. While I was mildly interested in having that style, it was long, waist length hippie hair that I always wanted.

That I dreamed about.

That my best friend who lived on the second floor of our apartment building had.

That I did not have, nor did I ever think was possible of ever having.

Maureen McCormick Eve Plumb Brady Bunch 1972


Photo from Wikimedia Commons

My Lifelong Battle With Hair Issues

While I do not mean to sound biased, I really don’t think you guys reading this “get” hair issues. If you have a problem, you can just shave your head and go bald-issue resolved. I never knew a man who had any hair issues until he starts losing his hair!

One of the things that is great about society today is that the media, particularly children’s media, is so diverse. When I sit down to watch programs with my children on The Disney Channel or on Nickelodeon, there is a wide range of body shapes from skinny to large, characters with glasses (another issue I had-not going there), actors with different skin colors, and different hair types.

Yes, they have actors with wildly curly hair on television!

Ladies, let me ask you a question. Do you recall any actresses on television with curly hair? And not “curly from curlers” or a perm hair. I mean honest-to-goodness corkscrew ringlets on top of their head?

Can you think of one?

Thought so.

I had no one who looked like me on any show I watched.

As a young girl, I remember sitting in front of the mirror endlessly brushing my hair, hoping that if I brushed it long enough, it would finally be straight. I was so tired of kids at school asking me if I had stuck my hand inside an electrical socket!

For my Bat Mitzvah, I had my hair blown straight. The weather was perfect and so was my hair…until I had to wash it. I could never get it straight like that without going to the salon.

My mom had a friend who got her hair straightened at a place called “Ollie’s” on Queens Boulevard in Queens, New York. We would tag along and I had the process done and was in heaven! Eventually, my real hair would grow in and I had to battle curls on top and straight on the bottom. Sigh. My happiness with having straight hair was short lived.

I honestly spent the entire eight grade wearing a shmata on my head to cover my straight with curls on top hair. I had a different one for every day of the week.

You could say I had some serious hair issues.

The 1980’s-I Finally Rock My Hair!Slash from Guns and Roses-We Had the Same HairCredit:

With heavy metal taking the forefront of the music scene in the 1980’s, my hair finally became my crowning glory.

Not actually, but I learned to accept it now that I could see MEN with long curly manes just like mine!

At nineteen, I discovered Fabulaxer, a hair relaxer designed for African-American hair. It took out the frizz and softened my curls. My hair now resembled Dee Snider of Twisted Sister-long flowing curls. I got compliments all the time on my hair, but my self-esteem was already too damaged from my 70’s childhood.

With the creation of products designed for curly locks, a détente with my hair was finally reached. I could manage my curls and even have them look good.

But I never gave up the dream of having long, straight hair.

Kerastraight Smoothing Treatment

Using my daughter’s flat iron, I would spend a lot of time straightening my hair for special occasions.  I always received a lot of compliments when I styled it this way.  It was labor intensive, and if the day turned humid, I lost the battle with my hair.

I had read about Japanese hair straightening and Brazilian hair straightening, but between the expense and the chemicals, it just wasn’t for me.  I already tried the straight hair/curly roots look, and I did not want it again.

Then I saw an ad in the Ulta circular for the Kerastraight Smoothing Treatment, a keratin treatment that did not use poisonous chemicals.  To say that I was intrigued is an understatement.  I researched it endlessly and read everything I could about Kerastraight. When I saw the incredibly low price for a treatment, I decided to try it.  After all, it gradually washed out of your hair, so no curly roots for me.  I could wash my hair any time and not have to wait three days like the other treatments.  It was affordable, so if I liked it, I could keep having the process done.

I took the plunge…and was in love with my hair!  I must admit it took a bit of getting used to when I looked in the mirror.  It just didn’t look like me.

Apparently, I didn’t look like me to many others.  I had it done in July, and when I ran into someone I knew wearing my straight hair and sunglasses, they did not know it was me!  This happened to me with long-time friends, my children’s teachers, even a few co-workers.

The Kerastraight Process

How Kerastraight Changed My Life

The Kerastraight Smoothing Treatment changed my life because I no longer have issues with my hair.  I finally got what I wanted!  My hair is long, straight, shiny and smooth.

Humidity is no longer my enemy.  A week after getting my Kerastraight treatment done, my family went to Disney World for our annual vacation there.  In the past, my hair was up in a curly pony and I did not like to have my picture taken because of it was a frizzy mess.

Last August, I walked around with my hair down, and had my picture taken with pleasure!  The brutal humidity that is normal Florida weather was no match for my Kerastraight treated hair.

An unintentional added benefit that I had was that I have been told by many friends that I look younger. Maybe it's the case because I am happy with my hair and it shows. 

I am so happy with Kerastraight that I told my husband he never has to buy me anything ever again-seriously.  As long as I can get my hair treated, he never has to worry about a birthday or anniversary or holiday gift.  This is truly all I want.  

The Kerastraight Smoothing Treatment is a product that changed my life and how I feel about myself.  It may not cure a disease or be the answer to world peace, but it helped me find peace within myself.