Times are tough, but folks still want, and deserve, a little vacation rest and relaxation. Saving a bit longer may be a thing of the past if one buys themselves and their families an Oahu Go Card. Savings of 15 to 30 percent and more are possible with this discount program. The great thing is very little advanced planning or attraction scheduling need occur in order for the vacationer to realize those savings. 

The tropical nature of Hawaii in general and the island of Oahu specifically has called to visitors the world round for a millennium. Many of today's tourist attractions are world-renowned and tourists plan for years in order to ensure they'll be able to see everything on their vacation list. 

Considering the retail admissions prices for some of the attractions likely to be on that list, it's quite easy to see how the savings add up for the savvy vacationer who plans ahead. The following short list of amazing vacation opportunities with retail costs of entry should better demonstrate the savings. 

Taking the better part of a day and valued at $60, the Grand Circle Island Tour is a 120 mile journey around the island of Oahu that demonstrates just about every aspect of what this island paradise is all about. Photo opportunities really won't do the views one is likely to encounter the justice they deserve. Whether staring into the gaping void of past active volcanoes or taking in the seemingly endless views of the massive overlooks to the ocean, saving money on this attraction alone may seem like a steal. 

If the beauty and pristine views of the beaches, mountains and nature aren't enough, the real-world civilization which makes up the islands of Hawaii are certainly not to be missed. Consider the addition of a Pearl Harbor and Honolulu City tour. 

This $35 activity is sure to have just about something for everyone in the vacation party. History buffs and war veterans will not want to miss the expertly guided tours which share what happened during the Battle of Pearl Harbor and how those actions helped carry the United States into World War II. 

Kids young and old alike are going to have a great time during a visit to the Dole Plantation, especially if they spend time making their way through its permanent, and according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest permanent shrub maze in the world. 

Miles of paths and beautifully cared for plants, over 14,000 of them greet visitors on a daily basis. Of course, there are gifts of every type imaginable, as long as one imagines pineapple related gifts and saving the six dollars on entry will make it easier to buy one of those gifts! 

A final opportunity to save a ton of money with the purchase and use of the Oahu Go Card is by no means the last of the list of many, many tourist attractions available on the islands. Sea Life Park can cost normal, unsuspecting tourists nearly $30 to get in and enjoy the fun and frolic of many different sea creatures. 

Everyone who comes to the islands dreams of seeing dolphins and sea turtles, but many of those opportunities are actually much harder to come by. Not at Sea Life Park, however. With shows and attractions occurring all day long, it's another one of those events that seems like one is taking advantage of things since they are saving so much money on admission. 

One last consideration regarding the purchase of the Oahu Go Card has to do with not how much money one can expect to save, but how much time. Many of the participating attractions recognize card holders and allow them to whisk right through and not wait--for hours at more popular attractions. How much is your vacation time worth?