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Whenever anyone in my household is sick, especially my kids, I check their blood oxygen levels.  I learned this when my daughter was very young and woke up with a fever and breathing rapidly. I took her to the emergency room and ended up having to admit her into the hospital for five days because her blood oxygen level was way below normal. It was determined her cold and fever triggered an asthma episode. Once discharged from the hospital, I was given a nebulizer and directed to administer the medicine Albuterol periodically, which helps open up the airways in the lungs. 

While in the hospital and the nurse was making her rounds to check on my daughter, she used a little device, which was strapped around her neck.  She would have my daughter place her finger between it and take a measurement. I asked her what she was 

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measuring and she said her pulse and oxygen level.  She also shared that she loved this little device called an Oximeter and preferred it over the hospitals monitors, because it was small, portable, and fairly accurate.  She had purchased it on her own online and said I could purchase one as well and be able to easily check and monitor my daughters pulse and oxygen.           


That evening I found the exact one online with tons of reviews and purchased it. I use it on my family all the time and administer Albuterol when I think it’s necessary. On one occasion, my daughter’s oxygen level was very low, under 90 and her heart beat was high, so I took her to our family doctor. Normal blood oxygen range is between 95-100. The doctor commended me for having and using the Oximeter and said it’s too bad more people are not aware of it.  

The Finger Pulse Oximeter SM-110 is low cost and has the following pluses:

  • Ease of use, just turn it on and attach to finger
  • Blood oxygen level (SpO2) and pulse rate is easily displayed on screen
  • It is light, compact, and weight is 50g including batteries
  • Low power consumption, two AAA batteries, can run continuously for 30 hours
  • Easy to carry: Neck/wrist cord, soft carrying case
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty

Review of Oximeter SM-110

The Oximeter is also great for sports and workout enthusiasts. When working out, your body has to keep blood oxygen levels up, and you may have trouble breathing, especially if it’s a new workout routine. This device can help you monitor your progress in improving your oxygen and pulse level.

Most of us have a thermometer for taking temperature when we are sick. I believe every household should also have an oxygen monitor to measure oxygen level. It’s as easy, if not easier than taking your temperature.  Make sure to share with your physician once you purchase and interpreting any results. 

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