One of the best things Robert Kiyosaki ever produced, in my opinion, is the online versions of the Rich Dad Poor Dad game. They are awesome tools you can use to train your brain and creating the mindset you will need. Once the mindset is in place, a little action must follow and then you'll have some success. But first something light and downright fun – the games!

For those of you who don't know, there are actually two versions of Robert Kiyosaki's games… and both involve the player competing against other players (and themselves) to accumulate enough passive income to escape the rat race. The games are called 'Cashflow 101' and 'Cashflow 202', with 101 being the easier version of the game. Once you think you've mastered that one, you can move on to 202, which you'll find much more involved and more of a challenge!

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Playing the Rich Dad Poor Dad game will not only make the lessons and ideas from the book second nature in your game playing and make that more successful, but those lessons will also extend into your daily life. That's the point of the games, to re-train your brain to another way of thinking. It all comes down to trying to practice our way out of a lifetime of bad habits – and that's not our fault, it's because no one taught most of us how to manage our money, and have it work for us.

By using those games to practice accumulating sources of passive income, you're challenging the way you think about your finances in your own life. For example, the game will also teach you what items to include in your own financial balance sheet as assets, and which as liabilities. I won't go into detail on how to do that here, but the skill of correctly calculating your financial position is an invaluable asset. After all – how are you going to improve your financial position if you don't even know what it really is?

The Rich Dad Poor Dad game will help in doing this quite easily. If you've read Robert Kiyosaki's book of the same name then the game will make perfect sense, and re-enforce the lessons he talks about in it. If you haven't read the book on the other hand… go out and read it. Don't get me wrong, you can play the game without having read the book and still enjoy it, while getting a lot out of it – but it's better to have read it, it just makes better sense. Remember not having any money is not an excuse not to buy the book – I found one for sale in a second hand shop for $1 just last week! Oh – I almost forgot – to play the online (and free) versions of the games you must first register at Robert Kiyosaki's website (also free). Enjoy.