Much of designer furniture justifies itself through interesting and recognizable visuals, and this is true for Saarinen's womb style chair as well. You'll find that the embracing but deceptively slender bulk of the chair greatly benefits from the central backrest pillow, which immediately draws the eye. The other great detail to notice about the chair is the use of stark steel rods for legs, rather than a more traditional wood.

These chairs are not always sold as independent pieces. While the traditional womb set doesn't contain a full set of chairs and a table, as a dining set would, it does feature a matching ottoman. The matching visual cues between the footrest and chair are immediately obvious, making it an excellent decorating investment. The expense of acquiring is a chair and ottoman set is often not much more than the price of just buying the chair.

This chair has a fairly large standard sizee, as envisioned by Saarinen. But manufacturers have taken to recreating the chair in smaller versions as well. A child-sized womb model chair may be more appropriate for many living areas with more limited space and smaller occupants in mind.

The most common name for this chair by far is the **womb chair**, but the term 'egg chair' is also in infrequent use. Remember to identify the chair by its Saarinen-designed structural traits. That will allow you to recognize it no matter what name it bears, and avoid false chairs bearing the typical name.

Six hundred dollars is the average price point for a chair and ottoman set, although a hundred more or less is also common. Be especially cautious around very highly-priced womb style chairs... they can be worth it, but are sometimes just an unscrupulous attempt at overpricing. At the extreme end, you may see some models being sold for thousands of dollars.

The fabric-covered foam may be the relative weak point in the chair, with respect to cleaning. However, the fiberglass and wood-based support is excellent and will last for decades if treated well. An additional note for those who worry over damaging their furnishings is that the cushions used are separate pieces. Therefore, you can buy new ones or even throw them into a washing machine if you have to.

You shouldn't enter into the market of designer furniture unprepared, even if you're just looking for a reliable, simple womb designer chair. A preference for sellers that offer convenient means of getting your money back is useful, since there's no certainty that you'll like your chair before having a chance to get used to it. Don't forget that such clauses may specifically exclude side fees like shipping and handling, though.

Knowing more about Saarinen's efforts in the designer furniture industry will allow you to get furnishings for a whole room that work well together. From the tulip set to the **Louis ghost chair**, there's a little something by Saarinen for every circumstance and place in the house. Consider what your womb ottoman and chair will be sitting next to, before you finish shopping.