If you are super organized, you want to make use of any little time you might call it "a brake" in your day, and bring a value to it.
If you are a very busy person and still find some "windows" in your day - you might want to use your inspiration to plan ahead and use that "window" wisely.
In any business you are or even if you have a job, there is - with no doubt - a down time in our day.

As (a beginer writer) I sit here at the front desk of my motel, usually early morning, waiting for my guest to come in for coffee or to drop the keys with me as they take off, I thought of putting that time to a good use.
It's quiet most of the time, so I can use the time to write, or at least to enter my thought on a pad note, or just getting inspired and making a list of the things I want to write about. It sounds like all these will help me monetize and I thought of making a habit of using the "down times" to my advantage.

Use the time you fold laundry for example, to catch on with a friend, like this you don't have to take time off of your day just to sit down and talk. It might take to be a skilled person to be able to multitask, however, if you have a speaker phone, that is easy to accomplish. When you make a call to a business and have to take notes and make decisions about important stuff, that will be a different story and you should take a different approach.

When starting your day, make sure you have a list with things you want to accomplish, you need to resolve and the one that are a "must" to be taking care of. Organizing your day should put you at easy with the way your day goes. At the end of the day you will feel exceptional having to cross off things your list and see the results of your hard work. This will allow you to visualize that time management plays an important role in the way your day developpes.

Planning your budget will help you save money; start with minor things, if you concluded that writing checks always put you in a bad position - like overdrafts the account - which may bring more trouble to the account, then start carrying cash with your and avoid going over the budget; there is a great satisfaction to know that you are in control of your possessions and you don't own anyone, anything. *It takes less time to make the decision of using cash then balancing your checkbook; the results can be astounding!

Those few things listed here are representing just a small start, even so, I hope you can get inspired to take on and see what works for you, and what changes you can make to time management in your life that will benefit you on saving and/or even help you making money.