When it comes to meditation, there are many ways to practice.There is no right or wrong way to meditate and once you have started, you will find what works and what doesn't work for you! As buddha once said, "What we think, so we become " and this relates to meditation. We are beings of creativity, and so we should be creative in all areas of life. Some people meditate whilst walking, some do it sitting in their favourite chair, others do it through yoga or even hanging upside down! None the less, you can do it however you want. It this article I'll show you the basic formula for meditation which you can practice and eventually fine tune to make it your own.

Before you start, make sure you have some time put aside where you wont be disturbed. Personally I find meditation in the mornings or evenings to be the best. This way your not in the middle of doing something and your not distracted. Having a shower and being fresh also helps and enables you to get comfortable and relaxed. Incense is also great for meditation if you have some.

Step 1: Get Seated
Find a peaceful location where you wont be disturbed and using some large pillows or the a carpet ( depending how flexible you are at sitting cross legged ) take a seat and with your palms face up on each knee, take a few seconds and get used to your position.

Step 2: Breathing
Closing your eyes, breath deeply and slowly in and out of your nose. Focus purely on the sensation of breathing in and out of your nose. Notice the air rushing in and out of your nose and concentrate on the feeling you get. Do this up to ten times, by counting each time you breathe in and out through your nose.

Step 3: Energy
Start imagining that every time you breathe in, your breathing in all the positive energy in the world, and imagine that with every intake, you start to glow slightly more with white light. When exhaling, imagine that your breathing out all the negative energy in you. All the stress, anxiety, tiredness and anger etc. Say in your mind, " I breathe out all the negative energy". Any negativity which you have, breathe it out. Then again, breathe in all the positive energy whilst saying, " I breathe in all the worlds positive energy ". Imagine that your body is overflowing with positive energy and can't hold anymore. Do this until you feel as though your body is shinning brightly with positivity. All the negative energy which you had stored is now gone and has been replaced with a positive, happy presence.

Note* During the course of Step 1 and 2 you may have alot of chatting or distracting thoughts arise. Don't punish these thoughts but simply say to yourself in your mind, " thinking " and return back to breathing. With practice, less and less distracting thoughts and chatter will occur and you'll start having amazing meditation sessions.

Step 4: Ask and you shall receive
Now that you are in a deep meditative state, if you have any wishes or goals, now is a good time to ask for them. Many people call this preying or talking to your higher self, but the simple fact is that this is the best time to remind yourself of what it is that you want in life and to ask for it. Send to the universe your thoughts and wishes.
For example, "
I want my higher self to keep me on the path of happyness, love, wealth, compassion and enlightenment " or " I want my higher self to bring to me a brand new car within the next 3 months". It can be anything you want, just ask, and ask clearly and precisely.

Step 5: Be Thankful
Once you have asked yourself and stated what you want, always remember to say thank you! Without being great full, we cant receive much.

Step 6: Awaken
Return back to Step 2 and focus on your breathing for a few minutes or so before slowly opening your eyes and returning to your day. Note the difference in how you feel in comparison to how you felt when you first started meditating that day.

Remember, meditation can be whatever you want it to be! Some methods work for some and fail others. But using this simple method you can now practice and come up with your own ways to meditate which suit you best. Watch the effects that it has on your life! It can only do you good. The more you practice, the better you will become and more insight you will receive naturally into the world of meditation!