NFL football is one of the hottest commodities in the entertainment world. Games draw huge numbers on television and the ratings rival almost any show. The fact is the NFL is hot and NFL football is beloved around the nation. With the the high demand, comes a high price and fans are stuck paying high prices. But with a little work and some effort any NFL fan can control the cost.

Things You Will Need

Some time and a little effort.

Step 1

Accessing NFL football games begins with the main broadcasting companies, such as FOX, NBC and CBS. All carry NFL games and all can be picked up via free television. Even if viewed on cable, the games are included the monthly cable charge, so expense is limited.

Step 2

Tune the radio to NFL football games. Many times stations around the nation can be picked up, so tune in. All NFL teams have a broadcast crew and there are national companies broadcasting games. Radio is free, so listening to a NFL game on radio is free.

Step 3

The World Wide Web is a treasure chest of NFL games. Places such as FOX sports and CBS Sportsline have live update pages, where fans can follow games. Yes, it is not watching it on TV, but at least these sites allow fans to watch live updates.

Step 4

Go to a local bar with the NFL Plan and watch games there. Okay, food and drink certainly have a cost, but at least you at not paying for the NFL Plan. This has become a must for any sports bar, so find a good one and enjoy the games.

The NFL is a great game with so much to offer. The problem is the evolving cost of watching the games, but be smart and enjoy the games for a limited expense.

Tips & Warnings

Watch out how many games you pay for, eventually the NFL may say all games will pay per view.