Getting ready for a special event always involves selecting the best outfit available. Accessorizing the outfit properly is what will set you apart from the other event guests. Here are some tips on how to look glamorous in your party dress with fashion jewelry.

Things You Will Need

Little Black Dress

Fashion Jewelry


Step 1

Select a party dress that flatters the shape of the body. Think along the lines of a little black dress, or solid color that compliments the skin. Try the dress on in from of a full length mirror with support garments. Make sure the body shaper or girdle is not cutting into the skin. Wear a bra that places the breasts in between the shoulder blade and the elbow. Look for a few moments in the mirror to ensure the dress is flattering from all angles.

Step 2

While the dress is on, try on different sets of fashion jewelry. Wearing an old dress with new jewelry will completely change the way it looks. Try bold fashion jewelry instead of smaller classic styles for the most impact.

Step 3

Accessorize by actually wearing the fashion jewelry. If you are not used to wearing this type of jewelry you may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of positive attention it brings. Some women may need to step outside of their comfort zone, and wear the new fashion jewelry instead of trusty standby jewelry pieces.

Choose shoes or strappy sandals that compliment the dress. If the fashion jewelry is a bit glitzy or contains a lot of cubic zirconium stick with solid toned shoes. Peep toe shoes and classic stilettos are great choices to compliment a little black dress.

Bring a large square silk scarf or shawl to provide additional coverage if the dress exposes the shoulders, back, or bust line. Light weight scarves can be placed in a small handbag or clutch until needed.

Looking beautiful at a special event can give increased confidence when networking or simply meeting new friends. Taking time to put an outfit together from head to toe with complimentary accessories tells others that you do care about your appearance.

Tips & Warnings

Shop for fashion jewelry sets to complete a look quickly.

Update older jewelry pieces by updating the necklace or bracelet of a set.

Fun jewelry adds a bit of wow factor to a sexy dress.

Bring a scarf or shawl with you, especially if you are not used to dressing sexy. Undesired looks from men can be offset and brought back up to the face by simply draping the shawl elegantly over the shoulders.