Job interviews could be quite intimidating and you may get very nervous before going into one. It is almost inevitable. However, they are not impossible to overcome and do great in! Try some of these helpful tips before, during, and after the interview.

1. Show some initiative- If you have just applied somewhere and have not heard back from them, try giving them a call about your application. You may find this to be an annoyance to the manager or staff, but most managers will view this as an iniative that you want the job over those who applied. Another way to show initiative is to hand in your application personally. Don't have someone else drop it off, as this may show a sign of irresponsibility and shyness. Try handing it directly to the manager as they will be the one considering you for hire. If it is a place where you can shop, try visiting as a regular customer. They will easily recognize your face and you will get used to the work environment.

2. Be confident in your answers- A manager is going to want to hire someone who isn't afraid to interact with a stranger and know what they are talking about. Answer the questions that are asked to you positively and confidently. The more confident you are in your answers, the more impressed the interviewer will be. Try to avoid changing your answer as this may cause you to studder and get nervous as you will feel you are under pressure and put on the spot. 

3. Apparel and Behavior- Try and remain sitting straight up and hands placed on your lap. Keeping good posture makes you look more confident and give positive reinforcement to the interviewer. Try to avoid wearing bright colors and keep your clothes as conservative as possible. You want to represent yourself and give a good first impression, so try and shake the interviewers hand and introduce yourself properly. During the interview, try and keep eye contact at all time and keep your speech clear and in tact at all times. Also, try not to show signs of stress as this could show the interviewer that you don't handle stressful situations which could happen in daily work life. 

4. Do some research- It's always good to know a little about the place you are applying at and having a background of previous operations and history of the place could be helpful. Showing that you are someone who takes pride in the place where you work could be a very positive point to the interviewer. Also, doing research could give you an idea of the type of questions that will be asked since you will know about the product they sell or the customers they must deal with. Possibly when you do get hired, the research could help you get used to the environment quickly. 

Some extra tips:

  • Some interviewers are purposely going to put you under stress in what's called a "stress interview". Don't let this get to you! Just keep your cool and answer the question as if you were prepared for it and it didn't bother you. 
  • Don't be late! This could already ruin your chances of getting hired as this is an impression of how you will not be prompt to get to your job.
  • Give a firm handshake. A handshake tells a lot about a person to some people so try your best!
  • Everyone will be nervous, it's almost impossible not to be. Confidence is your best bet of getting the job!

Hope these tips helped and if you have any more questions comment! If you follow these tips, that job interview will be a piece of cake! Goodluck to all!

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