It's impossible to achieve any goal if you are familiar with goal setting, so I have decided to spend the first section of this article to talk about How to Set Goals and in the second section I will be talking about How to Achieve Any Goal. Setting goals in your life in order to achieve something greater than yourself has benefits, and by learning how to set goals you will be able to achieve so much more than you first thought. There are lots of different reasons for creating life goals and one of the most important reasons for setting out goals for yourself is that it will give you a real sense of achievement once you break those barriers!

  • Goal Differences – One of the main things that you have to decide is whether the goal you have in mind is actually something you want to do not something you think sounds great and you should have. When we set out our plans and our dreams we need to be able to tell the difference between wanting a dream to come true and wishing beyond the stars, because there is a very big difference! Think things through and be prepared to have to work hard to get what you want because things will not be handed on a plate to you.


  • Variation Goals – This refers to the six key areas of your life: Family and Home, Financial and Career, Physical and Health, Social, Emotional Well-being and Religion. Each of these key areas need to be looked into a goals set where you need them to be in each one if at all. In some areas of your life you may find that you do not at this time need any further self-improvement but in others you may find there are several goals to be looked into and a plan drawn up.


  • Visualize – It takes more than just writing your goals down, to plan them and create further dreams from them, it also takes visualization. When you write down your goal really imagine it fully, visualize it happening and by doing this on a regular basis you can train your subconscious to make choices without you even realizing that will bring you nearer to your goal. The subconscious is a very powerful tool so keep a copy of your dreams, your plan and your aspirations in a clear and defined space like the front of the refrigerator or near your front door. This way you will see it always and be reminded, this then reinforces your thought patterns to create a positive and happy atmosphere.


  • SMART – This is another fantastic technique used by people all over the world which shows you how to set goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. By living to these rules you can manage to ensure that all of the individual goals that you set through your life are attainable and are not so farfetched that you spend your entire life searching for them.

How to Achieve Any Goal.

Having looked at how to set goals, now let look at how to achieve these goals. Success is something we all want and being successful means having to put some action into your ideas about your goals rather than remaining a dreamer and thinking of grandeur and never realizing it. Goal setting can be a relatively easy thing to do. For those who have done it, they have taken the time to be realistic and ensured that their goals are attainable. Some have even failed, sound familiar? If so, why does this happen? All too often people really want something, but once they begin their journey stop far too quickly. Giving up is the main reason for this due to the fact that they do not see enough change or progress as soon as they think they should; without any real progress at the click of a finger most people will instantly give up! Now here are some tips to help you on the road to success in your goal setting:

  • VisualizeGoal setting is not just about thinking about what you want, it is about really feeling it, seeing, hearing and even in some instances smelling your goal in a way you could almost touch it! By visualizing on a regular basis everything that your goal setting has achieved you will always be one step further to achieving your dreams and not giving up!


  • Inspiration – Taking inspiration from your idols is something we do as children growing up and now that we are adults there is nothing wrong with doing the same. Choose people that you admire and people who have the type of lifestyle you want. By taking inspiration from these people we can see that what we want to achieve is actually very tangible and with hard work and visualization we can also achieve.


  • Plan – Regardless of where you go in life even if it is for a short drive you have to plan ahead. Looking to the future you will also have to plan in order to get where you want to go. Guiding yourself and reaching your ultimate success is improved by having an actual plan to follow. It also helps when you are feeling low to look at your plan and realize that you do not need to feel discouraged, you are on the right track! Things just take time.


  • Mini Goals – When you make your plans for your goals, and know where and how you are going to get somewhere, it is a good idea to set yourself mini goals. Mini goals break up a bigger goal and give you more incentive to keep going until you reach your ultimate goal. For example, if all of your goal setting was to achieve weight loss then you would take the weight that you need to loose and set four mini goals to achieve it. If you need to lose 40 pounds and you went at this goal and only lost 2-3 pounds a week, you may feel that your goal is unattainable and give up. To prevent this you set yourself mini goals where you lose 10 pounds before you celebrate in some way and then begin the next mini goal of 10 pounds. Everything still takes the same amount of time, but you will feel as if you are getting there a whole lot quicker!