If you have just gotten out of a bad relationship breakup, then you should consider dating detox. A simple solution to resolve those issues that are attached with your previous relationship while letting you live and move forward. While dating detox varies from person to person, the best way to find success is to daily detox by addressing your dependency on the previous relationship.

Things You Will Need

Relationship over

Dating Detox decision

Step 1

Start by addressing what your intial dependency is on the previous relationship. This detox detail is really important as it is the beginning of the new life prior to dating again. This dependency is what you need to focus on prior to starting a new relationship.

Step 2

Once you begin your dating detox, enlist your girlfriend's to help you during your times of weekness. If you have times after your relationship breakup that seem cold and you find yourself crawling back to your boyfriend, this is where your girlfriend is your big detox booster. Have a system set up so you can call her instead of calling anything from your previous relationship.

Step 3

Swear off men for thirty days. The difference between thirty days and permenantly is you need time to heal. So instead of going out prowling for a new guy, go out and enjoy yourself with your girlfriends and family. Find time for yourself to incorporate new activities and read books. This should be me time.

Step 4

Find yourself in a new light. Take time to adjust your hair, buy new clothes or create a new identity. This will bring you to a new level of personal development that you couldn't normally find.
Dating Detox is basic idea of stepping back and reviewing who you are and what happened to you personally during and after your relationship. Giving yourself 30 days to regroup, review and heal, you can bring out a new you. As with anything, nothing is learned if you don't keep moving forward.

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