Permanent hemorrhoid cures are to be determined by the type of condition present. There are two types called internal or external hemorrhoids. The two types both have the same basic causes as well as symptoms. As a result of this the treatments for the two types of conditions should be very closely related. Internal hemorrhoids are found inside the anus or rectum, beneath the rectal lining and are normally not visible with the eye. External hemorrhoids on the other hand are outside the anus and can form small bumps or lumps around the anus. Some cases of internal hemorrhoids however will protrude and also from lumps that are visible from the outside. These are called protruding hemorrhoids.

Finding a permanent hemorrhoid cure that works entails knowing what causes or worsens the condition. The precise medical cause of heroics is unknown as yet and studies have proven that it is commonly not brought upon by one single thing but a way of life which is less than healthy. There are a number of speculations to explain the swelling of veins in the rectum and surrounding areas. One of the most speculated causes include the upright posture pressures, this means that the anal area and veins in the rectum are affected by the pressure of the blood induced by gravity which can lead to hemorrhoids.

Aging, chronic constipation and diarrhea, obesity, pregnancy and too much strain during bowel movements are considered to be major contributing factors in the development of initial hemorrhoids. These above mentioned symptoms are also blamed for being the cause of the itching sensation as well as the pain that comes along with hemorrhoids. In addition, excessive rubbing or excessive attempted cleaning of the infected areas may cause further irritation to the area as well as bleeding and worsened itching, which will ultimately lead to a continuous cycle of healing and infection of the surface. This eventually leaves the patient with a chronic case that can hang around for years.

Permanent hemorrhoid curing would not have been possible if all the statements that had been made with regard to causes were true. One such statement was that standing for too long a period or continuously lifting heavy objects had been a major cause. There is no evidence that hemorrhoids are caused by jobs that require standing, or heavy lifting of objects. There has also to date been no evidence that a job that requires sitting all day had caused any cases of hemorrhoids. Tests have shown however that this type of working condition may worsen the existing hemorrhoid as well as slow the healing process.

Had these rumors been true, there may have been some people that would have to resign from their positions of work due to a medical condition. These two worsening effects may however also play roles in the prevention of future conditions. A five minute walk once every two to three hours for a sitting worker had been proven to be beneficial to the overall blood flow through the body. Kneeling or sitting down for five minutes every two to three hours or sitting on a soft surface with relaxing support for one minute or so every hour is suggested for people who work on their feet or spend a lot of time lifting and carrying heavy objects.

Where to Start with Permanent Hemorrhoid Cures

Permanent hemorrhoid cures should start by identifying the cause or group of causes. Theses causes should then be removed from the lifestyle of the patient immediately in order for any type of treatment to work successfully. In order to successfully do this certain symptoms may be verified in contribution to certain causes. The symptoms usually include itching of the rectum, swelling of the area and surroundings as well as blood in the stool. Not all cases of hemorrhoids carry symptoms and some are therefore harder to diagnose than others. For this reason it is imperative that a doctor or medical professional is contacted upon the first thought of infection.

This will also assist in identifying major causes and contributors from a medical perspective. Although this may be a very embarrassing condition, the patient should not hesitate to consult a professional as the delay of such a consultation could result in a worsened and even more embarrassing condition. Once the patient is in the confidence of the doctor or professional, they should not have any fear of asking questions related to their conditions. Who better to get the facts from than a professional?

Most permanent hemorrhoids cures that are said to work for most patients entail simply adding a lot of fiber and water to the diet as these two supplements are major contributing factors to the softening of stools. This ensures that no unnecessary strain is placed on the affected area whilst bowel movements do not need to be suppressed. The patient should also not apply pressure when moving bowel even when there is no affected area as this had also been branded as one of the major contributing causes of hemorrhoids. Along with this, the style and design of modern toilets are not designed to support the rectum and more pressure than necessary is applied. A good tip is to place a small footstool in front of the toilet when moving bowels. This will help to alleviate some of the pressure and reduce chances of the condition persisting.

Permanently hemorrhoids cure of a more extreme infection would need more drastic steps. One recommended technique that had been used for ages by the older generations includes something that is called a hip bath. The hip bath involves resting only the hip and upper thigh in a worm tub of water. Note that the technique relies on the sitting position which should be folded in a way that the patient is holding their knees with both arms folded around them. The patient should then spend fifteen to twenty minutes in the tub.

This should be done at least three or four times a day and that would help get rid of hemorrhoids but always remember to stay on the safe side and consult your doctor.