We all have certain goals we want to achieve in the long term. Sometimes though, when we think about our goals they can seem a long way away and it can be very daunting to even think about how to get to our goals. My goal is to be financially free within 10 years. I'm already 3 years along the road towards achieving this goal. I've already made huge strides towards this goal (more than I thought possible in fact), but sometimes when I look at the larger goal and think about how I'm going to achieve it in just 7 years it seems very daunting.

One tip I wanted to pass on which I've been finding very useful is don't get yourself bogged down thinking about your big goal which is many years in the future. Instead focus on forcing yourself to take small steps towards your goal each and every week. I have been using this system for 6 months now and have found it to be really useful in helping me move towards my goal.

The system I've been using breaks the goals for my week into three sections: Personal Goals, Financial Goals, and Fun.

Personal Goals are goals which are related to me, my family, and our wellbeing. Examples might include going to the gym twice this week, or taking my son for a cycle, or reading a book I think will be good for me.

Financial goals are the little steps I'm going to take to get me towards my big goal of being financially free and able to retire in the next 7 years. This might include such things as putting some of my pay cheque aside when I get paid, writing 2 articles on Infobarrel, writing an article on my blog etc etc. Just basically little steps I can take to get me towards my goal.

Fun goals represent little rewards to keep me motivated on my journey to financial independence. This might be something as simple as a day off from doing anything if I achieve all of my goals for the week. The fun category is basically just a way for me to give myself a little reward for achieving my goals each week.

This approach to achieving my larger goal might sound simple and trivial but I've been finding it really powerful. Right now I'm able to look back at my records and see the progress I've made over the last six months. Reading it brings back to me just how much I've done, and often when I'm feeling like my main goal of retiring in 7 years is just too far away I'll go back to it and read it out loud to remind myself just how far I've come.

I hope you found this tip to continuously work towards achieving your goals one week at a time useful.