fists of money

Ever wonder how some of the richest people around were able to attain their wealth? We may not all be able to compose a popular song, or write a New York Times bestseller, but there are various ways of earning extra income. Adding those ways together can turn a decent amount of cash into large sums of money. Today, there are built-in institutions which make up the fabric of our society that can help us in our quest for money.

For instance, the stock market is a good way of acquiring large sums of money as long as you educate yourself. There are basic rules you should follow like "buy low, sell high", but there are also tricks, techniques, and even some insider information that could help you in your venture. For instance, experts have learned that owning stock in the third year of a president's term is the best year to invest. Ever since World War II, the last two years of a president's term has seen a 62 percent growth in the economy. It's believed that in the last two years, a president will avoid risky economic legislation in hopes of keeping the White House in the party come next election. Although it's mostly dependent on uncertain variables (just because it happened in the past doesn't make it a sure thing), the statistics are eye-opening.

Stocks are a form of passive income which is income that doesn't require you to put a certain number of hours per week to see a check. Instead, you put in a little bit of work to jumpstart the form of passive income you're interested in, then just watch the profits flow in as you sit back and relax. This often is the best way to get rich since it allows you to have free time to find other forms of passive income. Some examples include gaining ad revenue from websites, real estate renting, and patents from inventions and ideas. It's good to diversify the money you bring in, if you have a steady 9 to 5 job, keep that while finding ways to generate passive income, eventually making it your largest source of income. Once that happens, you can decide to skip out on a grueling 8 hour day, unless you love what you do.

Frugality is an important quality a lot of affluent people have in keeping their wealth. But at first, to attain it, they had to be a bit risky. Wasn't Bill Gates risky when he left Harvard to pursue his software developing career? Or Warren Buffett, with his unique talent of investing, purchasing companies that weren't always successful? True, these individuals have a knack for their specific business endeavors, but look at where it got them. Entrepreneurialism. Everyone has an interest or hobby, if you can find out how it can make you money, and are willing to take a few risks, then you're following in the footsteps of some of the richest people around.

Unless you've received an inheritance or can gather a few relatives who enjoy shouting at the screen when Family Feud is on, you'll need to find other ways to earn cash so you can attain financial security beyond one paycheck a week. Diversification is good not just with where you put your money, but how you receive it too.