A self-confident person is a person with potential. A person lacking self-confidence is a person who is shackled and held back by doubt, insecurity, and fear. If you have problems with acting and feeling self-confident, the following article will help you overcome mamy of the barriers keeping you from being the self-confident, happy person you aspire to be!

Things You Will Need

Open Mind



Step 1

Play the Part

Pick a confident, strong, self-assured person to emulate. And then, work on incorporating elements of that person's confident persona into your own public face. You can effectively mimic another person's positive traits and use them to help implant and solidify feelings of self-confidence into your own make-up. The way this person speaks, moves, gestures, or walks -- these are all effective means to copy in order to influence your desired end: self-confidence!

Step 2

Control Your Thoughts

Negative thoughts and negative thinking patterns are self-confidence killers. A negative frame of mind puts you in a depressed, irritable, low functioning state; a state not conducive to self-confidence, happiness, or peak performance. By replacing negative, irrational thoughts with positive, affirming, healthy thoughts, you redirect your mind (and mood) towards feelings of confidence, calmness, and stength. This will enable you to grow your self-confidence and maximize your personal power and ability.

Step 3


Take time to meditate daily. Find quiet time to sit back, relax, and focus on your breathing, your thinking, and your body. Visualize yourself acting confident, feeling confident, and doing great things! This will help you de-stress and attain a more confident, relaxed, capable state. The more relaxed and at ease you are, the easier it is to act and feel confident. Daily meditation will drastically improve your mood, energy levels, and self-confidence.

Step 4


Smiling more often puts you in a happier, more receptive mood, which makes you appear more approachable to others and also makes you feel more relaxed, self-confident, and balanced. A smiling face is a warm face; a warm face is a face that attracts and disarms. If you force yourself to smile more often, you will automatically make yourself feel more confident and increase your chances of meeting new and interesting people.

You are your own best friend or worst enemy. Self-confidence has to come from within. The bottom line is you have to give yourself permission to act and feel confident. You do not need any special permission from anyone to feel confident. Get a clear plan in your head of how you wish to feel and behave, and then implement that plan!

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