Ever wanted to use your LG LCD TV's USB (for service only) to watch DivX format movies (mp4, mpeg, avi, vob, etc.), play music (mp3, wma, etc.) and view pictures (jpg, bnf, etc.) without ever using an external DVD/HDMI/Bluray. With this new feature, your LCD is now at par with the new model of Samsung (Series 6), LG (Scarlet), and Bravia with relatively lower cost of the unit. Please read below for detailed instruction:

Things You Will Need

1. You need an LG LCD TV(LF20, LH20, LH50, etc.) and an active USB thumbdrive loaded with multimedia (pics, movies, mp3, etc.)

2. Insert the USB thumbdrive at the back of the LCD unit, make sure not to remove it during the entire process else this could cause your USB drive to be corrupted.

3. Go to the service menu of the LCD TV (not the typical function menu) by pressing and holding the menu button for 5 secs waiting for the menu display to disappear. Afterwhich, press and hold the menu button at the side of the LCD simultaneously.
Wait for 5 - 10 secs until the service menu code would be prompted. Enter 0-0-0-0 (zero-zero-zero-zero) in the code panel and the display will show the service menu.

4. In the service menu, you will see various options, goto tool options 2 and click enter. Afterwhich, goto the USB and change the number from 0 (zero)/OFF to 1(one)/ON.

5. After changing, press return or menu to exit the service menu.

6. Press the menu button to go to the function menu and you will see that the input tab is already replaced by the USB tab.

7. Open the USB tab and you will able to play your favorite movie, pic, music.

8. Enjoy.


Tips & Warnings