Pictures with captions engage the reader more readily

Add captions using the InfoBarrel text editor

Appealing Image with a CaptionCredit: Mike Bailey
An image with a caption engages the reader.

InfoBarrelers agree that adding captions to the pictures in your Infobarrel articles is one of the best ways to make them more appealing, both to the human visitor and to search engines. Dr_E wrote a useful article that explained one way to add captions using Microsoft Paint or a similar image editor. For the less technically minded – like me – here is an alternative method that uses the InfoBarrel editor and doesn’t require HTML skills.

I'll take you through the steps that I use to insert images with captions; you may like to format things differently depending on how you usually lay out your pages.

Write your copy as normal, using whatever editor you prefer, and transfer to the InfoBarrel editor when you are ready. Upload the images that you want to use with your article, using the InfoBarrel media uploader and add titles, descriptions and the like in the usual way. I size my images to 280 pixels wide - you may use different sizes.

Table Properties Dialog Box
Fill out the "Table Properties" dialog box.

I generally insert a picture at the top of each article, left-aligned, 280 pixels wide (note: some of my earlier articles need editing and I'm waiting until I'm pre-approved to do this). This fits neatly to the left of the top AdSense block, although your H2 and H3 lines may fill this space anyway.

Position the cursor at the start of the first paragraph and click the "Insert Table" button. Fill out the dialog box that appears, setting "Columns," and "Rows" to "1", "Alignment" to "Left" and "Width" to "280." Check the "Caption" box and insert the table.

You'll see the outline of the table appear in your article - empty at this stage. Now drag an image from the media panel into the top cell in the table. If your image is wider than the table width you set, the table will stretch to accommodate it.

Drag an Image Into the Top Cell
Drag the image into the top cell of the table.

Type your required caption into the bottom cell. You can align and resize the text within the cell using the regular text editor features.

You're done! When you save the article and preview, your images should appear like the ones in this article. Try playing around with the table settings to produce different effects - you may like solid borders, for example. If you want to put two images side-by-side, I'm pretty sure you could use a 2-column table to accomplish this.

As far as I'm aware, this won't affect any SEO aspects of the article - SEO experts please correct me if I'm wrong - and since the caption is in text, it's better than embedding it in the image. You can set all the other image attributes exactly as usual.

Good luck! One small word of warning – I found that some browsers can be temperamental when saving your article. I didn't actually lose anything, but it took a while for the edits to save. I have tried Chrome and Firefox, both of which work OK. (mostly ...)