If your outfit is feeling a little bit bland, then try an interesting shoes to your wardrobe. This adds color to a casual or formal outfit. Stores like Dr. Jay's and Akademiks sell a variety of footwear. Here is how to add some flair to a boring outfit with footwear:

Consider Sock Shoes

Sock shoes can combine both a casual and elegant feel. This look takes basic Mary Jane and boot silhouettes and mixes materials for interest. This can be a suede and knit combination that just combines sweater materials along with more rugged ones.

Look for Cutouts

The recent trend in both gladiator sandals and booties focuses a lot on cutouts. This can be appropriate for any season depending on how many cutouts there are. It can also include a peep toe. This can have a slight vintage flair and might mimic a floral pattern or lace on a more masculine faux leather.

Explore Plaid

Plaid is a classic material, but it's an unusual option for footwear. You can also use this to upgrade a basic pair of canvas tennis shoes or ballet flats. This pattern will work with a variety of outfits just because the pattern has so many colorful and neutral accents combined. It's casual enough to wear with a plain jeans and t-shirt outfit.

Look for Military Inspirations

The military inspiration is very popular in fashion. You can add it into your wardrobe so subtly on your footwear that it can even be a part of your career look. You want to skip camouflage prints and go for something more subtle. This means looking for a lot of gray, olive green and khaki footwear. Stick with masculine leather and suede materials. The details are key to this look with lots of studs or laces that are the same color as the rest of your shoe.

Add in Texture

If you're wearing a neutral outfit then your shoe can still match and be interesting. Texture is really vital here. You can find braided details on a lot of sandals. It can also include a natural cork heel. Appliqués made out of chains add a subtle edgy detail. You can even find shoes with faux flowers on them. Just make sure that it's still in a neutral color so it doesn't look too juvenile.

Pay Attention to the Sole

A contrasting sole is going to add interest to any shoe. This could be a hot pink sole on a sneaker or just a more subtle metallic on a dress shoe. It also gives you a wider variety of options for which outfits you can wear it with. Stretch boots often have a fabric covered heel.

Consider Fun Rain Boots

Funky rain boots have become very popular for women. If your outfit lacks a lot of color, you might feel a little bit dreary on rainy days. You can get weather appropriate boots in a bright pink or just look for a slightly more sophisticated houndstooth. This is also going to be one of the least expensive versions of boots that you can buy. Sure, it’s not a piece that you’re going to wear a lot, but the extra whimsy can really be worth it.