As you may already ready know, Italy sports are a big deal, and your vacation can be totally based around it. You can liken Italians and sports like you would spaghetti and meatballs.

Soccer, cycling and rugby are among the most popular. Italy has won the World Cup in Soccer 4 times, which represents their passion for this Italy sport. They are the current title holder after the 2006 World Cup Series.

With their current record, they hold another record of being the second most successful team and only second to Brazil. You may be interested in, if you happen to be a sports fan, in seeing a match while you are there in Italy.

You can arrange for tickets to see the Series A and B games in some the major cities there. You can request a certain city on the teams website and have a staff member confirm the pricing.

Maybe you want to see something different while in Italy. You can have tickets arranged to see anything from basketball, tennis and even auto racing. You can obtain tickets, but plan on paying fees that the company adds on for processing costs.

Italy sports are mainly focused around soccer, which you have to see if you are a sports nut. You may be concerned about the dangers you have seen on television, some of the riots at these events and there are no guarantees it won't ever happen again.

As you can tell, Italians are very competitive and passionate about their sport. So make sure to wear the Italian team colors or not to wear the colors of the opposing team.

There is a company called Select Italy that will advise you on which colors to wear if you are supporting the Italian team. They will also tell you which colors to stay away from. Remember, most of the soccer matches will have a designated area for the die hard fans to sit in.

And if you really are interested in sports in Italy, you can always find out what is going on in Rome at the Flaminius Stadium. This was built in 1960 for the Olympic games for Italy sports and now they are the home of sports in Italy ranging from soccer, rugby to equestrian.

It is in a great location in Rome with great access to all the hotels. So, when in Rome, go play or watch the Italy sports games!

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