Those of you who are using HubPages to make money online already will know what a powerful platform it is. Google loves HubPages, and at times it seems as if I could put something as trivial as my shopping list on HubPages, and it would still rank well and earn me some money. HubPages is by far the easiest way for amateur and professional Internet marketers alike to start making some extra cash online, and is currently by far the best ranking of all the revenue sharing content websites out there. And while almost flawless in this regard, if it does have one weakness compared to similar sites, it is the limited earning/affiliate platforms with which it is partnered.

However, Hubpages does allow its publishers to include upto two self serving links within their written work, and while many will use these links to promote web properties they own elsewhere, these self-serving links may also be used to promote affiliate products, many of which can prove to be far more profitable than Google Adsense, Amazon, or the eBay partner program.

Adsense is the Internet marketers bread and butter, and is how most new to the game will start earning online, and Amazon and eBay, both giants in the world of online retail, carry more than a little consumer trust. But for most Adsense will never pay more than a few pennys a click, and eBay and Amazon offer a very small commission, and a very short cookie duration. But with the aid of the two self-serving links HubPages allows us to utilise, there are a myriad of alternative affiliate programs we can use to make money from our hubs, many of which pay far better per conversion than those previously mentioned.

Personally I like to use ‘Share-A-Sale’ to boost my earnings, it’s easy to sign up to, and after just a little play is easy to understand and implement. There are literally thousands of merchants to promote, making it easy to find something that relates to the topic of your content, and most of the merchants offer commissions far more generous than Amazon, and the length of the cookie duration can range from 30 days, to a never ending cookie, making it far easier for you to earn decent commissions over extended time periods.

How to Add Share-A-Sale Links to HubPages

There are two ways to successfully add Share-A-Sale affiliate links to your hubs. The first as seen just above is an 'in-text' link, a subtle link that fits within the body of your text, that can be created by simply highlighting your chosen word or phrase, and then clicking upon the solid chain icon (fourth from the right among the icons at the top of the text capsule), and then dropping your affiliate link into the ‘Link URL’ field, clicking on ‘insert’, and then you’re done.

The second method is less subtle (seen just above-right), and utilises images and call-to-action statements to grab the visitors interest in the hope of convincing them to click through and make a purchase.


* When using the second option (image/call-to-action) as shown above be sure to use a text capsule rather than a Hubpages link capsule to insert your link, as I have found that Share-A-Sale affiliate links do not function correctly when added to the HP link capsule. 

* Once you have added your Share-A-Sale affiliate links to your hubs and published your work, be sure to click on your links to make sure that they are set up correctly and take you to the merchant you are promoting. The majority of Share-A-Sale programs (and especially those open to new members) are not pay-per-click so you will not be penalised for this. Otherwise you could miss out on your rightful earnings.

What Kind of Share-A-Sale links can I add to HubPages?
I thought I’d tag this on at the end for those who aren’t sure. You are limited to inserting simple links within HubPages, animated banners/complex HTML, etc. will not work. Once you have joined the merchant program you wish to promote click ‘Get Links’ from your Share-A-Sale control panel, find the merchant you’re looking for from your list then again choose ‘Get Links’ from their listing. Choose ‘Text Links’, choose the link/offer you wish to promote and then click ‘Get HTML Code’, then scroll down to the field titled ‘Shortest Code Available’ which should look something like: ‘’, this is the link URL you need to insert within your hub in order to earn your commissions from Share-A-Sale.

Why should I join Share-A-Sale?

If you’re at HubPages to make money, and unless you’re using your two self-serving links exclusively within all of your hubs to promote your own websites, etc. then there is no real reason not to join Share-A-Sale. You can use Share-A-Sale links in addition to and to compliment your Adsense, eBay, and Amazon, and the more ways to earn your hubs provide, the more money you potentially stand to make.