This kind of interior decorating can create a homely atmosphere. Even if you decide to focus on one room, where you spend most of your time, that will also do the trick. The beauty of old world decor is that you don't have to break the bank.

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 If you were to go to Tuscany, you would find that homes are natural and simple, and that is how they enjoy life in the region. When people redo their homes so that they can accommodate a new style this may be great to look at for a while, but you will not be experiencing the true Tuscan atmosphere.

 You really only need a small budget, using the simplicities in life, that will give you all the pleasure for years to come. Often Italians in this region use simple accessories like pinecones to decorate different areas of their home. Texture is big on the agenda and painting the walls, using a limewash technique might be the answer here.

Choose the Right Tuscan Decor for Your Kitchen

People who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, will appreciate cooking and entertaining in an environment that is suited to their activity. Cooking in a modern black and white kitchen may suit some people, but a colorful mood will often draw out some of your best creative talent. Tuscan decor is becoming more popular in this regard, and it certainly adds to the atmosphere.

If you would like to make your kitchen stand out from the rest and bring in some Tuscan delight, adding the appropriate accessories is not difficult to do. People here love the simple things in life, so they will stick to natural materials and focus on textures. You will also see a definite color scheme in traditional kitchens.

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Often, the colors will resemble the surroundings of the area. You will see bright blues, olive greens and vivid yellows which reflect a few things in nature. It is definitely the colors that create the mood.

 Copper pots and pans hanging above the cooking area may sound expensive, but you can get these second hand. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these are old and used a centrury ago. These are the best that you can get, and are the preferred choice by any top chef out there.

Paint Colors to Use

Popular Tuscan decor paint colors are those which feature earthy colors. You would pick oranges, yellows or a chocolate brown to change your bland white wall into something more imaginative. Kitchen cabinets can be painted to achieve amazing effects.

tuscan paint colors

Colors are generally added in sequence. First you would add a warm neutral tone. Then, you would add a muted red or yellow hue. Other colors may include apricot, terracotta or rusty brick. Then you would add your accents, which would consist of bright reds or greens.

Adding accessories as the final touch will help bring your paint work out more.


It’s amazing – if you just look around at nature – these are the accessories that are free. You don’t have to walk into a speciality store that sells something particular. Food also plays a big part when decorating your home. A kitchen will always show containers with herbs, fruit and vegetables.

Strings of garlic and onions hanging down from the ceiling is a nice touch, but people do this for practical issues as well. Hang your fruit in a basket.

 Again you will always see natural materials so using terra cotta pots and urns is a common feature. Copper pots are also widely used with fresh garlic hanging somewhere in the area. Using typical Tuscan colour on a slab and displaying this somewhere in the house is also something you can do.

Wrought iron is a common feature here, and you can pick this up cheaply at a fleamarket. Using this as a towel rail or simply for decorative purpose will look very good indeed.