Google Gmail

Let's say you want a Gmail account, but you also want to add your business signature, web address, logo at the bottom of your email. Getting a Google Gmail account is simple, and easy, by having an account you will be able to utilize all the services that Gmail offers.

Well let's get started by getting a Gmail account first. Get a pen and paper so you can write down your login credentials for your account once you have set it up.

1. Creating a Google Gmail Account:

Let's go straight to Google Gmail and signup for a new account, click on Create New Account at the lower right hand corner, now you will be brought to the page where you're going to create your account, so fill out the first and last name fields, when choosing your email address, are you going to use your email for personal or business. If you're going to use it for business, then place your business name in front of the area.

Now let's choose a password that will be easy to remember, and Google will always ask for a security question, like what's your dog name? Etc. Pick an easy one, so you won't forget. Give the location of where you live, and your birthday, then verify with the captcha letters, and check off that you agree to the Google Terms, and hit the button that says I accept. Create my Account.

2. Setting up Your Business Signature:

Now that you have created your Google Gmail account, let's start by logging in with your email address and your password, we need to set up your business signature in Gmail settings, look in the upper right hand corner of your Gmail account for the settings link. Click on the settings link, this will take you to where we can input our Signature details.

Now that you're on the settings page, scroll down to the My Picture area and add your business logo, you will have to reduce the size of your logo to icon size. Now that we got our logo taken care of, let's scroll down to the Signature area, there are two buttons, check the one where it's showing a place to add data to.

Let's start here:

1. First place your Full Name

2. Place Your Business Name

3. Business Phone Number

4. Business Email Address

5. Business Web Address


Here's an example of what it should look like when you're finished:

John B. Doe – CEO & President

Auto Economics LLC.


Tagline: "Autos Economical Prices"


Web Address:


We have completed putting all our business information together, we have one final step, go to the bottom of the page and click save changes.

Now every time you send someone an email with your Google Gmail account, your signature will be attached automatically. We hope this has helped you with setting up your Google Gmail and your business signature.

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