Adding an HP printer to a wireless network

The wireless network connection can provide you many advantages if you live a busy lifestyle. Most HP printers come with a wireless-enabled capability to work with a wireless network. This will offer mobility because you can print from anywhere in your home by just using a notebook computer.

Having an HP printer that has a connection with your wireless network can give you less clutter since you will no longer use those lengthy cords and printer cables. With a wireless network, your HP printer can even be placed inside your cabinet or closet. This article will guide you on how to add an HP printer to your wireless network.

Things You Will Need

Computer, wireless connection network, HP printer, broadband internet connection, wireless router

Step 1

Check whether your HP printer has an internal print server capability. This is important because a print server is needed to integrate or synchronize connectivity and keep the identity of the requester in connection with the particular print request so that your single printer can handle print requests coming from other computers if you have more then one at home or in your office.

Step 2

Get the MAC address of the HP print server that you'll add to the network. The MAC address will provide you an exclusive address that can recognize each computer on your wireless network. You can easily access the MAC address because it's the hardware address of your printer.

If your printer has a built-in Ethernet adapter, you can easily add your HP printer to your network by turning your network router on and connect your wireless printer. You need to add your printer's MAC address to your router configuration if you're using a MAC address filtering on your wireless network.

In order to get your printer's MAC address, print first your printer's configuration settings that you can see on the printer test page. You need to wait for a few or several minutes for your wireless network to locate your printer. Start printing the printer configuration page and record the IP Address for your HP printer.

Step 3

Open the page of the router configuration. Start to enter the MAC address that you had recorded earlier of your HP printer in the network and update the hardware addresses in the router configuration utility. You need to save the configuration setting and reset the router. You can do this by unplugging it from the power source.

HP printers generally have a software known as the printer network printing wizard. You have to install and run this network printing wizard software. You'll need the HP Linux Imaging and Printing or "HPLIP" package if you're using Linux and operate or run the HP set-up as your root.

Connect the network hardware unanimously and run the network printing wizard. Simply follow the given instructions for additional steps that is needed so that your HP printer will successfully be connected to the wireless network printing.

The savings you can get can add up when you share one printer within household. Look for HP or any brand of printer that you can easily connect to your wireless network. When it comes to speed and range, Wi-Fi printing is indeed fast and convenient because it can give you a long range of connectivity that could reach up to 250-300 feet. The nice thing about wireless printing is that it can let you print from anywhere in your home and allow members of your family to even share just one printer.

Tips & Warnings

Save money on energy costs, maintenance, and hardware by using one HP printer for each computer in your household. Once you have a good network set-up and each computer have its own correct IP and hardware address then you are ready to go and print important documents.

There are three ways to acquire wireless connection network to successfully work. First, a wireless network needs a wireless router also known as Wireless Access Point (WAP). This router is the center foundation of a wireless network because it allows the flow of communication between your printer, computer and the internet connection. Next, your wireless network also needs a broadband internet connection that has a cable or DSL modem. Finally, your computer should be connected to wireless router wirelessly or through the Ethernet cable prior connecting it to your HP printer. New HP printers are wireless-enabled and this means that these equipment have built-in wireless feature capabilities.