If you are in the middle of creating a resume and you are trying to complete it but have a few spaces on your resume where there may be time gaps in your work history, here are some things that you can do to explain your way through the hiring process.

The first thing that you can do is tell the truth and explain rationally, what happened. If your reason is that you did not work for a specific period of time, you may need to just explain the reasons for why there was no work for that period of time. If there is a gap due to a job loss or because you quit a job, you should make sure to tell your employer why you quit a job or your reasons for starting a job and then leaving it.

It is not always a bad idea to include the jobs that you have worked or lost on your resume. You will not always have to explain the reasons behind what happened during a period of employment. It looks better if you include all the work that you have done, so long as there are not too many jobs listed during a time period, because your employer may think that you are a bad worker and can't hold a job for too long. Come up with other reasons if you can as to why there may be a gap in your resume.

Usually when you do go for an interview with your employer, they will not always contact past job references before hiring you. They will only contact the references that you provide them, so do not feel bad about including other jobs that did not work out so well for you. If there was a job that you had and that you lost, there must have been a good reason for why you lost it. Maybe it was that you were fired or that you were late, but if this were the case, it is probably true that you did not really want the job. If you were fired, you can always defend your case if something were to come up in an interview.

The best idea for explaining gaps in your resume regarding work history, is not to at all. When you make a resume, the only thing that you need to include beside a job for the date is the year that you started and the year that you ended. Employers do not really care about all the details, times and dates. If you include too much information on a resume, there is a good chance that it will not be read at all.