The Brother HL-4040CN is a high-speed color laser printer that is designed to produce professional-looking documents and business materials at fast printing speed for desktop and small office users. It delivers printouts at 21 pages per minute and has duplex-printing features that allow users to reduce printing costs and produce professional looking two-sided documents, presentations and brochures. But if you happen to own an HL-4040CN and encountered some printer color problems while printing documents, then here are three simple solutions you can do to solve these problems.

Brother HL4040CN Printer
Credit: Brother HL4040CN Printer

How to Adjust Color Settings in the Printer Driver

  1. First, print any sample image in your computer and check the color tone.
  2. Adjust the color setting by opening the Custom Setting dialog for Windows users or the Effect dialog for Mac users.
    1. For Windows users, open the [Printing-Preferences] in the Custom-Setting dialog box. Click Advanced tab and then click Settings, the Custom Setting dialog box will open.
    2. For Mac users, open the Print Dialog Box then choose the Printer Setting from the pop-out menu. Click the Advanced tab and Settings. When the Effect dialog box appear,
  3. Adjust the color settings, effect or color density according to what you want then click OK.

How to Adjust the Gray Color When Printing Monochrome Document in Color Mode

  • For PCL Printer Driver Users:
  1. First, open again Printing Preferences of the laser printer driver—right click the Printer Name Icon and then select the [Printing Preferences] from the Menu.
  2. Then open the Advanced Tab and click the on “Improve Gray Color” check box.
  3. After that, click OK.
  • For BR-Script Printer Driver Users:
  1. Open the “Printing Preferences” of the laserjet printer driver. And the same as the PCL Printer Driver, right click the Printer Name Icon and select the Printing-Preferences from the Menu.
  2. Next step is to open the Paper/Quality tab.
  3. Click the Advanced button.
  4. Select “On” in the Drop-down menu in “Improve Gray Color”.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click OK.

Once you’re done adjusting the color settings, you can now try printing out a sample if the color output had improved than before. If not, then perhaps you should resort checking out the printer parts. Make sure that the Brother TN115 toner cartridges and drum unit are installed properly as well as the belt unit and waste toner box. If these things didn’t cause the problem, then try performing calibration, putting on a new drum unit or belt unit. And also make sure that the paper you’re using meets with the laser jet printer’s specifications.