Adjusting your kitchen drawers isn't as hard as you think.

Having a kitchen drawer that is not sitting right, not sliding smoothly or not closing properly is an annoyance that people put up with for years. The good news is that it only takes 5-10 minutes to fix it when you know what you are doing.

What you will need.

1 Phillips head screw driver.

1 Piece of cardboard (something out of the recycling box is fine, the thinner the better)

1 Hammer

If your drawers aren't sitting straight, the first thing to do is find the offending drawer. If you have a bank of drawers (a bank is a group of drawers in a vertical line) it's not necessarily the drawer that looks uneven, many times I have found that one is the straight one!

Is the drawer running correctly, or do you have to apply pressure to move it in and out? If it is the latter, then pull the items in the drawer out and have a look at the drawer mechanism (otherwise known as the drawer runners). Sometimes the runners can slip out and this can cause the drawer to run unevenly.

Otherwise over time excessive weights can cause the drawer runners to buckle and malfunction. If you can hit it straight with your hammer, great! Otherwise this is a replace job.

If the drawer front is touching anything other than the cabinet when you close it you can move it around. 

Close up of Drawer RunnerCredit: Christopher D Brown

If your drawer front is too low, you can pull the drawer out of the cabinet, turn it upside down and slide some pieces of cardboard or paper underneath where the drawer runners meet the drawer front.

If your drawer front is sitting to one side, you can slide the pieces of cardboard in the sides of the runners. Sliding some cardboard in left runner, will move the drawer front more to the right and vice versa.

You will most likely have to get your screwdriver out to ease off the screws to get the cardboard in.

Drawer Screws Resized(128593)Credit: Christopher D Brown

If your draw is sitting too high it gets a little more complicated. Some kitchen drawers have with metal sides, and these do have adjustments to move the drawer front up and down. Typically you loosen off the screws , move the front where you want it to go and then tighten the screws up.

For a drawer like the one in the picture, you can loosen off the screws inside the drawer which attach the front on, place the drawer on a solid surface and gently persuade (tap) the front down with your hammer. You may want to place some cardboard over your front to prevent any damage.

Drawer on a Secure SurfaceCredit: Christopher D Brown



Thank you for reading.