The Galant line of desks from IKEA are classic and sturdy desks designed for home offices. They are minimalist in design and have a unique feature in that the height of the desk is readily adjustable. The Galant desks come in both two legged and four legged designs, both of which are adjustable to get the perfect height you need.


If you have a two legged IKEA Galant desk read on, if you have a four legged IKEA Galant desk skip down towards the end of this article for your instructions. You’ll need someone to help you out with this height adjustment. 


The Two-Leg IKEA Galant Desk Adjustment:


Start with one desk leg and locate the small hole about halfway down the leg. Gently put the tip of an Allen wrench into the hole. Turn this allen wrench clockwise slowly. As you do so have your helper lift the top of the table so the leg is no longer touching the floor. 


With the helper still holding the table side up so the leg is off the ground, grasp the foot of the leg and rotate is slowly clockwise. This will raise the table height by increasing the leg length. Turning the leg foot counter clockwise will shorten the leg and decrease the table height. When you have the desired height, turn the allen wrench counter clockwise to tighten the leg in place.


Have your helper slowly lower the table and switch to the other side of the table. Repeat the above instructions to adjust the second leg. After tightening, slowly lower the table back into place and ensure the table is stable and balanced. You may need to readjust each leg until they are both even. 


Note that is especially important with the two leg Galant desk to have a helper as doing this task alone could result in the desk top quickly dropping to the floor causing damage and injury.


The Four-Leg IKEA Galant Desk Adjustment:


Take one leg of the desk and grasp it near the bottom of the leg. Tell your helper to lift the table top slightly about one inch off the ground on one side. 


Firmly grasp the bottom of the leg and twist is counter clockwise. The bottom tubing the of the leg will slide out of the top section of the leg. Push this sliding tubing upwards into the top section to make it shorter and lower the table height. Pull it down and out to make it higher.


Twist the leg clockwise to tighten the tubing and lock the leg into place. Repeat these steps on the other three legs making sure to tighten each tube before moving onto the next one. You may need to make minor adjustments after to ensure the table is stable and even. 


A good tip with adjusting these desks is to use a carpenter level placed on top of the table to ensure the desk is perfectly level.