Adopt a pet

We all love our pets and frankly, they are a huge part of our families. If you are looking for a new family member for the first time or maybe have lost a pet and are ready to add a new one to your family, you might find some good information here. If it's been a while since you went pet searching, there are so many options these days to adopt a pet.

Online adoption -Online adoption can be done right from your computer. This is an easy and convenient way to find the right one for your family. There are sites that serve as a connection between you and the shelter or other groups to help you adopt one. One site that comes to mind is Petfinder. This site brings many groups together to make the possibilities endless in finding an unwanted pet to adopt. There are many different kinds as options on this site.

Animal Shelter- Your local animal shelter is a good way to adopt. Don't exclude surrounding counties. If you're sure you want a certain breed of dog or cat, there are lots of shelters to find your special animal to adopt. Don't forget to check back often as new ones are left there every week.

 Newspaper ad – There are always free dogs and cats that people want to give away. There are also pure bred animals for sale in your local paper. Pick up your local and county paper and you will be sure to find some pets for free or for sale.


Friend or relative - If you adopt from someone you know personally, it will make you feel better about knowing the history of the animal. It's always nice to not wonder what your pet’s history is.

Pet shop-Pet stores are ok but it all depends on what pet store. These stores sometimes tend to care only about the profit. This can lead to poor animal caring and therefore, the animals suffer. These animals will not be very healthy.

Pet Fairs- These have become very popular. They are actually local animal shelters who bring animals to places like Petsmart and they try to get them adopted. You can usually call your local pet supply store for dates and times that they have an adoption day. This type of thing is also done at county fairs as well. If you really want to adopt a pet choose an option that fits your own needs.



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