Some people will tell you that there are so many cute little pups that are homeless and are looking to be loved. Some of these animals have had an unhappy life. Others prefer to go for the best breed and they will spend all their money on their dog like they would, their child. These are the two schools of thought and it is really up to you. There are advantages and disadvantages to whatever you do, but one thing I can tell you. That is that you will find this a rewarding job.

Once you take that little fella out of his cage and pop him into the car there will be no more whining. Of course a lot of people have complained about various behaviour problems with older dogs and even end up taking them back.

You can’t blame people for wanting to do this since there are other things to think of in the home, but then again this is something to think about before you find a rescue dog. Shelters are now very strict about this – and rightly so. Dogs and puppies have been shoved around enough and they don’t want to be abandoned again because they are not house trained or they bark too much.

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What to know about dog rescue puppies

The most important thing you must do is plan. You have to know what you want, but in saying that you can’t be too fussy. If you want the cutest best bred Labrador which you want for the sole purpose of training then you will have to go to a breeder and buy one. These pups are more for companion, but it is nice to know that you are saving their life at the same time.

Some of these dogs have even been found in a black bag somewhere on the road or just dumped and were taken away from their mum at an early age. This could cause a couple of behavioural problems, which you should be aware of.

Go with your family to the shelter and walk through, taking note of dogs that you like, which you should mark off. Go through one more time. Remember that this should be a life time commitment so you have to be careful in your decision making.

If you don’t find anything you like here or anything which matches your requirements then head off to another shelter or wait a little while. Tell the shelter what you are looking for.

Ask the staff about the background of the dog so you can get an idea for the future should any behavioural problems come up. If the dog was abused or left alone you will understand why he is acting in a certain way.

What to find out at the rescue dog centre

The staff can also tell you more about the personality of the dog and they are very honest. They are not trying to get rid of the dogs because people are in and out of there all the time. They also are mostly volunteers and want to make sure the dog goes to the best home where they will receive all the love and attention that they deserve.

They will be able to tell you if the dog is good with other pets or children and whether the dog is timid or whether he gets excited. You should also ask about the medical history of the dog. You don’t want to take home an ill dog. A good way of making double sure of this is by checking that the eyes are clear and the nose is wet. If he is coughing and sneezing then you have to know it is a bad sign. The dog is usually dewormed and vaccinated, but it’s good to ask about this.

You may find that when you bring him home that he will be a little withdrawn, nervous and even depressed. This is only because he is in a new environment and so this is only natural. Take him outside and show him around the house. He will be more relaxed outside. Throw a ball to him in the yard or the garden and will soon respond.