Facebook Farm Town is a rather addictive game. The new player who wants to advance quickly can benefit from the following tips. Why do you want to level up fast in Farm Town? The higher levels have more profitable seeds available to them as well as the ability to do things such as 4 way plowing, hiring others, and purchasing more stuff at the Farm Town store.

Here are your tips:

-Visit Farm Town friends and do what the game suggests in terms of 'helping'. It may cost you a few coins but you'll get noticed by friends, get gifts, and make coins too.

-Plowing for others in the market place only earns you 5 coins per square but it also earns you experience points (XP) and this can help you advance quickly so that you level up.

-Plant fast-producing seeds so that you can level up quickly. 4 hour grapes in the beginning is a good crop but be careful that you don't plant grapes when you're going to be busy in a few hours otherwise they'll go to waste and earn you $0.

-When raspberries get unlocked, spend plenty of time planting and harvesting as these are ready in 2 hours. While the crop value is a bit low, the experience points (xp) can help you move up quickly.

-To get hired in the marketplace, here are some tips: Stand alone, chat often, say hello to people that say 'hi' and answer the "who wants to work" question fast and by answering with the user's name so that they can clearly see you and hire you.

-Set up a buddy system where you and a neighbour share plowing and harvesting jobs. It's cheaper to plow if your neighbour does it for you and when you hire someone to plow you both earn XP.

-Some expensive items in the store help you earn XP so shop around! Don't forget to invest in money-earning things rather than just in 'stuff' so you can keep your farm earning money for you.

-Ask friends to send you trees as gifts instead of just animals and flowers as the trees are harvest producing on a repeated basis instead of just once and those harvests can help you buy more seeds and have more money to plow and earn further XP's.

What tips do you have for Farm Town advancement?

Additional info on playing the game also available at the Farm Town Tips hub.
Happy Facebook Farming!