Buying presents during the holidays can become a stressful event. The amount of money Americans spend on presents never seems to decrease and many families have gone into debt over it. Gift-giving during the holidays should be something that makes you feel good and not have to wonder how you are going to pay the cable bill next week. Learning how to shop and search for the right gift for the right price can easily be done. These helpful tips will remove the monkey from your back and give your wallet a little more breathing room.

Things You Will Need

Shopping list

Access to the Internet

Step 1

Read over your shopping list and determine the type of gift you are wanting to buy each person. If the person is harder to buy for, ask for a few ideas.

Step 2

Type the name of the gift into the search engine of your choice. I use Google and recommend it highly. Once the product information has been entered the results should appear. Many results will list the price of the product, others may have you to click in the link. Once you find a reasonable price for the gift, make a note (do not forget to include the amount for shipping).

Step 3

Determining when to order your merchandise is very important, especially if you are wanting it to arrive before Christmas. Look at the merchant's shipping calculator to determine the price of shipping and when it will arrive. This can make the price of the gift increase and may not be worth purchasing from that particular site. Another thing to keep in mind, many companies offer free, guaranteed shipping for holiday gifts. This is usually offered the week of Christmas, mostly to increase sales. Not all merchant's offer the free shipping so waiting will be an important call you will have to make. Over the years you will learn what companies do this.

Step 4

Collect shopping ads during the holidays. Several stores offer price matching and you can purchase an item from a store that is located closer to home versus driving clear across town. Price matching can save you time, money, and gas.

Once you become skillful at searching the web, buying gifts online may become the only way you shop in the future. What's nicer than sitting on your couch in your pajamas and buying your loved ones the presents they want and deserve. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Tips & Warnings