Learning how to age wood furniture can make a table like this look rustic

An important part of the redecorating process is the selection of furniture that will complement well the room it is placed in. Different decorating styles require different furniture, and the tables, chairs and other pieces that are popular in country-style kitchens and dining rooms tends to be wood furniture that looks rustic and somewhat worn. Of course, you could buy brand-new furniture that has an aging effect already applied to it, but it is far less expensive to age the wood yourself. These steps are designed to help you learn how to age wood furniture and get that distressed wood look that you want in your tables, chairs, counters, and so forth.

Things You Will Need

hammer or mallet, nuts and bolts, pillowcase, paint, sandpaper, vinegar, steel wool pad

Step 1

Use items you already have at home to dent and ding your wood furniture. A hammer is a great way to put small dents in wood, provided that you do not strike the piece with too much force because you do not want to destroy the furniture. When instructing others on how to age wood furniture, many experts also recommend filling a bag or pillowcase with nuts and bolts or nails and then striking the furniture with it.

Step 2

Sand painted and varnished kitchen wood furniture gently. This allows some of the natural grain in the wood to appear and increase the distressed wood effect. Just make sure you do not remove all the paint and varnish, for you just want the natural wood to show slightly.

Step 3

Apply a contrasting color to an existing piece of wood furniture. After a painted piece has been sanded, wax it lightly and apply a coat of a different color. It will only penetrate certain areas, making it look like the piece is old and has been covered with many different kind of colors.

Step 4

Use a combination of vinegar and tea to make a veneered piece look older. Cover a piece of steel wool with vinegar in a sealable jar, seal it, and let it sit overnight. The next day, put a tea bag in about a third of a cup of boiling water and use a paintbrush to paint the furniture with the tea mixture. Once the furniture is dry, paint the vinegar solution. In describing how to age wood furniture in this way, let us note that this technique will discolor the table or chair that is being treated. These four simple steps are all that it takes to explain how to age wood furniture. Follow them carefully and you too will be able to enjoy the rustic, antique look of an aged wood piece in your country-style setting.

Tips & Warnings

• Make sure that you paint and stain wood in a well-ventilated area.
• Different woods will respond differently to different treatments.
• Consider getting help from an experienced person if this is the first time you are trying to age wood furniture.