Do you feel like you're not applying your blush right? Does it look odd, or end up looking like the color is in the wrong place? I used to have a hard time too. I thought it was the shape of my face is wrong. But it turns out I was taught the wrong technique.  So if you’re fairly sure you have the right color but the wrong technique, here's how I apply blush now, and it looks very natural and subtle.

Sweep the blush brush across the blush
If you are using pressed powder, a sweep or two will do.  Then tap it once or twice to shake off the excess. This is so you don't end up with a spot that's too dark. You can add on a layer easier than you can remove one from your face.

Place the brush on your temples
Your starting position for applying blush is your temples.  This is the area that is  almost at your hairline, below eye level.

Sweep the brush toward your nose
In a slightly downward, inward sweep, you’re going to brush toward your nose.  You want to stop about an inch to an inch and a half away from your nose when you’re applying the blush.

Repeat this process a couple times until you have the desired amount of color, and then for the other side of your face, of course!  Be sure to apply blush in natural light so you don’t end up with more than you need.

That’s it!
That’s my trick for how to apply blush! I was originally taught the opposite. Start 2 finger spaces away from the nose, and sweep toward the temple. But that didn't work out for me! And if you think about it, it makes sense. If you start at the temple and work inward, you won't end up with the majority of the color near your nose, like I used to. It looks more blended and natural if you have less color near your nose.

Tips & Warnings
•    So much easier than finding the "apple of your cheek" whatever THAT means. (I'm pretty sure I don't have any cheekbones, heh).
•    Not every method works for every person, so if you were happy doing the reverse you might as well stick with it.

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