Having beautiful fingernails is something a lot of women desire. They make hands look well-kept and feminine. But it can get expensive and time consuming to visit the nail salon on a regular basis.

An alternative to this is glue on nails, or fake fingernails. Fake fingernails are cheap and take less time than visiting a salon. With a little practice and patience, your glue on nails will look just as good as the expensive acrylic nails from the nail salon!

Things You Will Need

Glue on nails

Nail glue

Emery board

Nail polish remover or acetone

Wooden cuticle stick (also known as an orange stick)

Cotton balls

A good thing to know is that most nail kits come with an emery board, orange stick, and glue, so you usually don't have to buy these items separately.

Before you begin the process of gluing the nails on, take out all the nails and do a dry fit. Try each fake nail on to see if it matches up with the size of your fingernail. Line up the nails in order to keep the sizes straight.

Step 1

The first step is to remove any nail polish or any other residue on your nails. Use nail polish remover or acetone (acetone works best).

Step 2

Second, make sure to clean up your cuticles. Use the orange stick to push the cuticle back. Use a cuticle remover product to remove the skin or manicure scissors to trim the cuticles off.

Step 3

Take your emery board and run it vertically over each fingernail. Do this step gently; you don't want to sandpaper your fingernails, you just want some texture on the nail. This will help with adhering the false nail to the fingernail.

Step 4

Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly.

Step 5

Now you are ready to apply! Take your glue and apply a drop to the nail and a drop on your fingernail. Put the nail on your fingernail and press down. Hold the false nail in place for about 10 seconds to allow the glue to adhere. Repeat this process until all nails have been applied.

One of the many benefits of wearing glue on nails is the endless varieties that are available. You can go with the simple and classic French manicure look, or you can spice it up with nail art in literally hundreds of styles and colors. Solid colored glue on nails are available as well, which is nice because you don't need the added step and time of painting the fingernails.

Tips & Warnings

-The glue on nails will usually last a week, but definitely remove them after 10 days of continuous wear.

-If you need to use your hands for activities such as housecleaning or gardening, make sure to wear gloves. This will help the glue on nails from accidentally popping off. It also helps keep the nails looking nicer longer.